Olay Regenerist Big British Beauty Poll 2012 Results!

A few weeks ago I mentioned the Olay Regenerist Big British Beauty Poll 2012 – well, the results are finally in and here are a few of (what I thought!) were the most interesting finds!

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Some key discoveries are:

– Women are spending 15% less on beauty in 2012 vs. 2010

– Anti-Ageing skincare is the last thing women are prepared to sacrifice

– 79% of women won’t spend more than £30 on an anti-ageing cream

Top Beauty Investment

When asked ‘If you ever need to cut back on your beauty spending, which area would you cut back on first?’ 39% of women said body treatments, 15% said a haircut and colour, 15% said cosmetics, whilst 7% would sacrifice skincare. 

I have to say I definitely agree with the body care – I could go for cheaper lotions and washes but I am less likely to give up a face cleanser and moisturiser.  As for haircuts and colour, I would do a home dye and get my hair cut less if necessary, but go for one really good quality one!  Cosmetics…I don’t know if I could actively cut back on cosmetics, in the sense that I buy as a hobby anyway not out of need! 

RIP the £100 Super Cream

The poll suggests that women are no longer prepared to splurge on super expensive anti-aging creams (like La Mer!).  79% said they wouldn’t spend more than £30.

I personally think that there are lots of excellent creams out there for £30 or less, if you go into Boots there are plenty of anti-aging high quality brands that aren’t too expensive.  Having said that I am sure that people who love their super creams will still buy them – after all moisturisers do last a long time but I for one, think twice before spending huge amounts on skincare. 

Can’t Live Without Make Up

35% of women voted Mascara as the one make up item they can’t live without, 31% said foundation and 11% said lipstick.  2.8% voted for nail polish.

If I were doing the folk it would be foundation and concealer, followed by eyeliner then lip gloss!  

Instant Youth Fix

A new hair cut or colour was voted the no. 1 instant fix with 29% of the vote.  Facials, teeth whitening, anti-aging skincare tied with 22% of the vote. Amazingly, fake tan scored 1% of the vote.

I am surprised by that Tan only got 1% considered how huge the fake tanning industry is (but in my opinion, too much makes women look older!).  For me, a new hair cut and colour is always refreshing but I am also a fan of a good facial too!



What do you think of these results – do they ring true for you?

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  1. says

    Oooh interesting! I would definitely cut back on body care if I had to cut back on beauty spending, followed by makeup (I could live with 1 or 2 really good foundations), then hair and finally skincare! As for my can’t-live-without-makeup I’d definitely vote foundation! Nothing beats a good base- even if you’ve got nothing else one but foundation, it still evens out your skin and makes you look polished 😀 Then it would be eyeliner and followed by lipstick.

    Definitely agree with a new hair cut/colour as instant youth fix- nothing can transform your look more dramatically than that! Heck, even a good wash and blow can transform your look 😛 Facials are great too (And my staple), but you don’t get an “instant” effect for sure.