Ok, it’s not even funny anymore…

Rant rant rant I promise I will stop ranting like a crazy old woman soon but I was bemused to get this message when listing some items on Ebay today:

I had to reread it three times to make sure this was real.

So now, when you get paid for something you have sold, Paypal, after taking a fat chunk of your profits, will have pleasure in keeping hold of your funds for 21 days (interest anyone?) just in case your buyer has a complaint!

Helloooo? What the hell? I am selling things, sending them off fair and square so I would expect to be able to retrieve every last penny of my funds seen as I have been whacked three times for fees. What if you sell something for a little sum? Like £5? After fees you might be left with £3.50 maybe Ebay will allow you to withdraw £2 – enough to buy a cup of tea at Starbucks?!

Yet another reason to jump ship, which I will once these last few items are sold. Feedback is one thing but witholding funds from sellers as far as I am concerned is a step too far. They already have a load of my bank, credit card and personal details so its not like I am about to do a runner with my £3.50 and emigrate to Bora Bora.

I am sorting out my own website for selling things so hopefully that will come together in the next 6 months. I’m just too busy at the moment to sort that out so Ebay is was the easier option.

Beware sellers! Send EVERYTHING recorded delivery, state EVERYTHING in your listings loud and clear now you cannot be too careful!

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  1. yummy411 says

    i don’t like nor dislike ebay. i’ve just been too skeptical.. but this totally takes the cake. jump ship!

  2. yummy411 says

    nice makeup site!! the link from your page is a bit off, but i’m smart enough so i found my way there hark hark LOL! =p

  3. R says

    Hey Yummy

    Ebay definately has its place for those hard to find things! 😀 But as a seller…wow its pretty tough! Infact I logged in yesterday and there is a new board which says things like ‘poor’ ‘good’ ‘exellent’ in regards to your skills as a seller. I am poor apparently, and I dont even know why. Curse you Ebay!