Oh No I Didn’t!: Waxing Queen Arezoo Kaviani & My First Brazilian Bikini Wax

Up until the moment I lay on Arezoo’s table with my legs akimbo, warm wax being applied with a spatula on the most intimate of areas, the thought of a Brazilian wax, or indeed any kind of waxing down there was an utterly horrifying thought to me.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

You have to remember I’m quite shy and I even got spray tanned with my bra on.

The reason I got the crazy idea to get a Brazilian was because I thought it was one of those things you should try at least once and Arezoo is definitely the woman to go to.


Arezoo’s salon is in the heart of Knightsbridge and she was the lady who introduced the Brazilian and threading to the UK. Her celebrity client list includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Reece Witherspoon, Claudia Schiffer and more.

If it were not for her impressive credentials and experience, the idea of a Brazilian wax would never have crossed my mind…

So thanks to my somewhat confused driver I end up at Arezoo’s salon half an hour late, but the atmosphere is very relaxed in the salon so I felt comfortable right away.

The room in which treatments take place is like a cosy front room – it’s spacious, but relaxed. You have a sofa you can spread your things out on and all the equipment and products are professionally laid out, as you would expect.

So the moment Arezoo sees me, she can smell fear. I tell her half heartedly that perhaps I just need a leg wax or a simple bikini wax and in fact I’ve never had a professional body wax before. But it’s too late – the Brazilian is in lock-down and this – this is going ahead.


Step one, Arezoo gives you an ice cube. “I won’t look at you” she says, as she advises me to really rub it in all over my privates to help numb the area.

Step two, on the bed. Arezoo has a look and right away starts chatting and waxing. The sides first, it’s a sharp pain but certainly bearable. I don’t really notice as we are talking away.

Step three, Arezoo asks me to turn round (uh-huh) and it’s butt time. This was not painful – well, it wasn’t unpainful but it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would and I read a horoscope book to keep me distracted. The back of my legs actually hurt more than the bottom.

Step four, back round again. Now this is the bit that is painful although, my eyes weren’t watering. The warm (perfect temperature) is applied for the remainder of the front and also the underneath parts. OUCH.


It’s a sharp smarting pain, like someone stabbing you with a fork, then removing it again quickly. If you have tried waxing before, then you know what I mean – just this is on a sensitive area.

Arezoo pretty much has be giggling like an idiot whilst I’m on her table “You can curse me if you want”

Arezoo also does my legs, toes, feet (I don’t have hairy feet!) brows! No bit of hair was safe. I had to show her my armpit to prove it was shaved down (phew!).

After the waxing, Arezoo usually applies her special cream which prevents ingrown hair. She asks me, “Do you have a boyfriend?” [yes] “Seeing him tonight?’ [yes]. “I won’t apply the cream then, it contains tea tree oil. It doesn’t taste very nice.”

I love this woman.

The things I wanted to know before I went and no one would tell me:

1. Do you go on all fours?

Not with Arezoo. You lie on your front and part your butt cheeks. It sounds gruesome but was actually not that painful and over quickly.

2. Are there lots of people watching?

When I went to Arezoo’s, there were 4 ladies about but the door was locked and even when it came to doing my brows (multi tasking!) Arezoo didn’t let the other lady in until I felt comfortable.

3. What about my lady erm, flaps?

You are told how to hold everything out of the way. Your skin doesn’t get caught in the wax or anything like that, but that’s just with Arezoo, I can’t guarantee that your waxer will be perfect!

4. Do you have to hold your leg up in the air?

No, thank god.

5. Which bits really hurt?

Every one is different. I have quite a high pain threshold or at least, I believe in mind over matter.

I’d say the bits underneath, if you know what I mean, are pretty ouch-ie, and the front part but towards the centre makes you jump a bit.

6. Did you bleed?

I did not bleed one bit. Strange as I have highly sensitive skin and even threading and tweezing can make me bleed.

7. Did you itch?

After my wax I had a 12 hour day traipsing around London followed by a 2 hour train journey and I did not itch, not one bit. Shaving makes me itchy. But once again, this is under the expert hands of Arezoo, I can’t guarantee it’s the same for everyone.

8. Isn’t it really humiliating?

That’s what I thought before I went but the staff are so professional at Arezoo’s and clearly, the lady has seen it all before. You just feel comfortable – by the end of it you can dance around the room with no knickers on (but don’t).

9. What IS a Brazilian?

With Arezoo it’s a small triangle as opposed to a landing strip, but you can request that if you want. A little triangle is quite neat. Also everything from behind and underneath is removed.

10. Do men like it?

Can’t speak for all mankind but I reckon that most men are probably curious and pretty appreciative of a Brazilian and you will get as many cups of tea as you so wish, or at least until the regrowth comes back.

Would I get a Brazilian again?

……I never thought I would say this but yes. Yes. Yes I totally would. But only with Arezoo.


Visit Arezoo’s website.

Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge London
T/ +44 (0) 20 7584 6868

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  1. says

    I wax a bit just to tidy up for a swimsuit myself. It’s Mr L’s birthday in May, I am v tempted to get this done as a surprise for that.

  2. says

    Waxing my bits scares the living daylights out of me, but I’m slightly convinced by your review (and her frankly brilliant comment about the cream afterwards)

    @Francesca_Teti told me about one where they applied coloured, scented waxes that don’t hurt. I’m not convinced on the pain though, redheads like me have very low pain thresholds :)

  3. Jen says

    omg…even the thought of having a brazilian send shivers down my back….but reading your review…it doesn’t sound that bad! (at least with Arezoo)…Question: now that you’ve had a brazilian wax, would you ever go the next step and get a vajazzle?!

  4. says

    I currently get my brows and underarms waxed. I’ve debated getting a brazilian done but haven’t yet worked up the nerve. Sounds like it was overall a good experience for you.

  5. says

    I’ve actually been interested in your write up since you asked questions about it on Twitter! See, it’s not that bad as long as you’re in the hands of a good esthetician. Though I don’t normally let them wax my behind.

    My coworker makes house calls and I love how she waxed brows and upper lips, but I don’t know if I can look at her once she’s seen my private parts. It’s much easier with a stranger!

  6. says

    Yipee! I am going to see her again. The parting of the cheeks (ahem!) was something but I am glad she didn’t suggest getting on all fours or stick my leg up in the air. The boyfriend chat was funny too! Amazing lady – truly! For such an intimate procedure, you couldn’t ask for a friendlier, patient and kind person.

  7. sarah says

    hilarious! i wonder if everyone knows that her salon was brought from money she stole! just one of her many tricks. this woman is disgusting! not to mention her history of sleeping with married men! i wouldnt go to her for a wax if my life depended on it.