Oh Hai 2012!

Why hai there!

Did you have a nice new year? I am back to the work grind but my body is not happy about it, what with the snooze tastic, late night filled Christmas and New Year break.  Plus I am ill! Feeling so weak it’s unreal, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  I had a bit of a rest from blogging and am not more or less back on it!

Cat tired

So, Mr C has been a diamond and has been helping out with blog sale photos (I estimate 700 items or so in the final sale so it’s the biggest ever), I have been working on the shop, and trying to make 2012 an organised year!

Upcoming Reviews…well boy do I have a lot of stuff to try out. Have the Revlon Lip Butters to review, some seriously pink lips from MAC, my sale make up hauls, the Tom Ford bronze/highlight compact, Mr C’s Armani haulage for me and loads of Korean make up!   I can’t get close to a camera at the moment because Mr C has hijacked it all.

I also started a new diet – based on this book called the 17day diet. In a nutshell…


It’s a LOW CARB diet.  There are loads of smaller rules and things but the stuff I have been paying attention to are:

8 glasses of water (er, make it 4)

Lots of Green Tea

Meat (low fat) and Fish is allowed freely

Lots of vegetables are allowed freely (not starchy ones like Potatoes)

Fruit is allowed before 2pm

4 Cups of coffee is allowed

Avoid all sugar

Do 17 minutes exercise a day

I admit, I have been only doing this for 2 days and I have got the mother of all head pains. I have taken lots of paracetemol and still it hurts. I am craving sugar so much that I took extra cough syrup because it’s sweet.

On the upside, to me it’s still easier than Dukan because you can have fruit, and vegetables.  Also you can lose up to 15lbs in thefirst 17 days.

So far, apart from the pain of detoxing, I am finding it irritatingly hard to find carb free lunches cos even salads tend to have noodles or potatoes or pasta chucked into them (I always buy my lunch – I hate tupperware, but it looks like I might have to do packed lunches) and too much meat makes me feel queasy. So extra veg it is.

I’ll let you know in 17 days time how much weight I lose.  Would be fab to get into shape in 2012!

Kisses x




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  1. Inês says

    Blog sale, blog sale!! Excited! But I hope it won’t happen before the 17th, I only have 20€ until then, which I very much need for meals lol
    Good luck with your diet, it must be really hard to not give in to the cravings, specially with the headaches :/ Don’t give in! U GO GIRL!
    I hope you have a wonderful 2012.

  2. says

    I LOVE that picture, reminds me of my two cats.

    I cannot wait to see your new blog photos and sale.

    Happy new year!

    Lots of love




  3. says

    Happy New Year!

    Wow, good luck with the diet! You’re a trooper; don’t think I could stick through a diet that painful!

  4. liloo says

    Hello pumpkin,

    Aww, sorry to learn you re not feeling very well. I hope you feel tikediboo in no time. I am super excited about 2 things from reading your post: this diet I have never heard about and the imminent blog sale. You are treating us lovely :) if Mr c wants to photograph some polishes, he is more than welcome. Can’t do no carbs, I am on diet shakes, really high on carbs but doing it in conjunction with some carb addict tablets ( forgot the name ) will let u know how I get on x