Offer: Two Free Nails Inc Nail Polish with Fabulous Magazine and Token Talk!

You love free stuff, I know you do – so if you like free stuff (well kinda free stuff) and nail polishes then here’s your chance to get two Nails Inc polishes (in exclusive shades, Atomic and OMP!, which coincidentally is the sound my stomach makes after a session at Buffet City):

Exclusive Nails Inc polishes Inbox

You need to cut out and collect THREE tokens printed over the next FOUR weeks (do the math) starting from this Sunday, 19th June. Then take the tokens to a participating Tesco to redeem from the 3rd July.  Plus, Nails Inc are running half-price manicures for £14 (usually £28).

There seems to be a correlation between Nails Inc + Buying Stuff in bulk quantity = Free Polish, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Will you be collecting tokens? When is the last time you collected tokens for something? I can’t remember what the last thing I was collecting tokens for was but I am currently collecting from ‘Make Mine a Builders’ tea boxes as I really want the special mug with a caribena grip. Hint hint.

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