Off with that ‘tache! Veet Precision Wax and Care Facial Hair Waxing Kit Review!

Everyone gets those annoying little stray hairs here and there (you\re thinking, nooooo) – for me it’s pesky brow hairs that aren’t in the usually easy to tweeze areas and of course, a light tache every now and then.  Eek.  I am so-so with hair removal on my face – in the sense that, waxing hurts and leaves my sensitive skin VERY sore – the last time I did it I scabbed up.  Threading also leaves my skin with little white pus filled lumps and tweezing is fine but takes ages. Bleaching is ok, but the hair is still there and on Asian skin, it can look REALLY blonde. 

So I was excited to try this new Veet Precision Wax and Care Facial hair waxing kit. 

Veet Precision Wax and Care Facial Hair Waxing Kit Review

I have tried similar things before from Nads, where you get the sticky wax in a pen and some strips. The idea of these is that you can apply the wax in a much more precise way so as to not pull out any brow hairs by accident for example.  

One side of this is a wax you put into a cup of hot water for a minute, then apply to the face.  You then apply a strip and wax off!  The white side is a after waxing soothing lotion. The instructions: 

Veet Precision Wax and Care Facial Hair Waxing Kit Review 1

The problem I had with this product (and I love Veet’s normal leg waxing range which isn’t too irritating) is that I found it removed hair quite inconsistently. Whilst some hair was pulled out, thicker hairs were not. I tried using water slightly hotter, slightly cooler etc (and you do need to use quite hot water for the wax to get soft enough to spread) but I still found it didn’t want to spread evenly on my skin. 

When it came to the waxing, it did feel quite gentle BUT like I said, I had real issues with this product getting the hairy areas truly fuzz free and the last thing I wanted to do was go over an area over and over again.  

Veet Precision Wax and Care Facial Hair Waxing Kit Review 2

The white cream is soothing and works quite well although I prefer the oily wipes that come with other kits that get rid of excess wax. 


Overall I love the concept and it would make facial hair removal much easier, but in this case, I just found that it didn’t wax cleanly.  So for me this product is a nu-nuh – I prefer normal facial waxing strips for sensitive skin to this. 

How do you remove facial fuzz?


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