NYX – US Brand

I am going to post shortly on US brands – they won’t be anything new to US readers, but quite interesting for UK gals who have never heard of them.

NYX have a comprehensive website Here, and boy is there a lot of choice at a good price!

Especially worth trying out are the eyeshadow trios, the Loose Pearl Eyeshadows and the Jumbo eye pencils (so I hear).

I have a load of their products coming to me via ebay so I can report back soon.

However – just to mention the website delivery for international is pricey – I made an order of $100 (only £50 quid) and the shipping charge was $77!!! There is just no way I would pay that when the real cost would be more like $10. Maybe this is something NYX could look into as it made me look elsewhere for the products.

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