NYX Lipgloss and Lipstick Haul

I know you US ladies have NYX all over the place but it’s unavailble in the UK. It’s a shame because it looks like such a cheap but cheerful brand, lots of colour choices and of a good standard. I can’t think of anything in the UK like that, that isn’t too expensive to be cheap or has some horrid packaging.

There is a seller on eBay called mssskel who has a lot of NYX products. The best thing is the glosses are about $2.49 and the lipsticks are around $2.99. Shipping in the US is $3 flat rate and to the UK it’s $6 flat rate – pretty cool eh?! Plus it arrived in 5 days to the UK!

Here’s what I bought:


Circe – check out my fur background

Indian Pink


L-R (Apricot, Golden Prune, Mauve (love!), Whipped, Soap Opera Queen)

So far, loving the glosses, nice and pigmented although they really do smell like fairy washing up liquid.

Not tried the lipsticks yet but I adore the colors in the tube.

She also sells cute plasters – sorry band aids – in care bears (which I bought) hello kitty, spongebob etc.

Screw washing up! That’s what dishwashers are for!

*Other people’s mother’s seemed to have empty fairy up liquid bottles for them to do crafts with, not mine, cos my momma used cheapo Morning Fresh. Grrr.

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  1. says

    ooo the glosses DO look very pretty. The new NYX gloss packaging looks super classy, I have yet been able to find these at my local drugstore :(

  2. Row says

    Hey Audrie

    I agree – the gloss tubes I love they are heavy not cheap at all (although one gloss was faulty – the inside bit kept coming out so I had to glue it back in – no big deal). Love love love!

  3. says

    Alas, NYX is not as widely available here as you have been led to believe. Stores such as Eckerd will carry a product or two, and Ulta carries a handful of products from this line, but the vast majority of NYX items are unavailable to most American consumers (hence the popularity of NYX on sites like eBay and Cherryculture).

    I wish NYX was more readily accessible in the US, but until drugstores and the like grow wise, we’re in the same boat as you.

  4. Row says

    C’mon Pandy, you still have Costco, Walmart and errr Forever 21? that’s the extent of my American Store knoweldge. I see what you mean though – looks like that Ebay seller could be good for US gals too!

    P.S. Obama is mine