NYX Jumbo Pencil Swatches

The ladies stateside have all the luck!

I tried one of these NYX pencils and was in love! The eye pencils are incredibly soft and easy to apply – sometimes a pencil can seem soft when applied to the hand but not on the eye but these are just as soft and pigmented on the sensitive eye area.


These are the chubby lip pencils – I got these as a lot and some of the colours are darker than expected but nevertheless, the are really soft and leave a bit of a tint on the lips too:

I also bought some of the glitter eyeliners, but they are quite disappointing – they literally just have glitter and no pigment at all. It makes them quite difficult to use as there is a waxy base in the pencil which could dilute colours applied over it.

The jumbo eye pencils are highly highly recommended though!

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  1. Anonymous says

    hi there! I was wondering where you bought all of your NYX jumbo pencils? Did you buy them all at once? in a set? online?

    thank you!~

  2. Row says

    Hi anonmous – please let me know where you are maybe I can help! I personally bought mine from Ebay!

  3. says

    hey girl.
    im from malaysia.
    we dont have nyx here but fortunately we do have people spree-ing from the US.
    i’ve gotten cottage cheese and love using it as an eye shadow base.
    but im looking for a more nude natural coloured base.
    any suggestion?

    • Row says

      Hi LyNn

      What kind of base are you looking for? A crayon, or a cream, or a liquid? I love eye bases, if you let me know what type of product you are looking for I can advise you. I recently bought Trish McEvoy’s Eye base and is fab for a really quick, natural base!

  4. Nadia says

    hye girl..
    i’m from malaysia..
    i want to buy the JEP in colour milk n black bean…
    but i dont where can i buy them…any suggestion?