NYX For Your Eyes Only Palettes – Swatches

I picked up some of the NYX eyeshadow sets called ‘For Your Eyes Only’ a while ago. I paid about £7 each for them including shipping from eBay. Now I have for you SWATCHES!

nyx eyeshadows.jpg

These NYX palettes contain 10 shadows in them and they have a name or theme (ie – Catwalk eyes, Smokey Eyes, For Brown Eyes etc.)

nyx smokey eyes colour for your eyes only.jpg

See the swatches after the jump!
Smokey Eye Palette:

smokey eyes palette nyx for your eyes palette.jpg

What I noticed about these palettes is that the colours can be quite samey. When they are swatched they aren’t THAT similar but there is a definite theme going on. The smokey eye palette has a mixture of browns, greys, silvers, but not that many blacks:

nyx smokey eyes palette.jpg

I also picked up the palette in Secret World which has green tones in it. The first row is a little disappointing – rather sheer and nude shades but the second row is better. I would have liked more golds or even brown to compliment the greens:

secret world nyx for your eyes only palette.jpg


nyx secret world palette eyeshadow.jpg

Pigmentation wise, these palette are GOOD. They are good considering the price and the sheer variety you get in one little palette. However – they are not knockout.

Buildable I’m sure if you want a stronger look but we are not talking ultra buttery eyeshadows here. Still better than what a lot of drugstore level brands have to offer in terms of variety.

Next palette is Supermodel:

supermodel palette nyx.jpg

This is one of the more interesting palettes a mixture of blues, greys and the hot pink and blue. I would have liked the blues and the pink to be more metallic to have more oomph – all the shadows have a slightly, slightly chalky edge, no?

But I am being hyper critical there. Like I said, I DO like these palettes.


nyx supermodel.jpg

I think this is my favourite palette – For Brown Eyes.

What I have found with these palettes that half of the shades are meh, the other half are good and there is one colour that makes the palette pop.

In this palette its the gorgeous green:

nyx for your eyes only.jpg

This one is nice and soft and very wearable. Top row again, a little too samey.

nyx for brown eyeshadow.jpg

Finally I got Champagne and Caviar which is an ultra nude palette hence quite a lot of mattes. I can see why this would work for someone who just wants a simple eye but by god – how many tones of light beige does one need?!

nyx champagne and caviar 03.jpg

You can see on the swatches that there are slight difference between each product but honestly, if this was an expensive palette, I’d fling myself out the window. For £7 I can live with it.

nyx champagne & caviar.jpg

I’ll address the issue of the packaging too – it comes in a simple black shiny case which is fine – a tad on the ugly side (its the way they’ve printed the front with cheap NYX lettering). Not something you would whip out but then again, who whips out eyeshadow in public….

Overall – good value, nice colours, good pigmentation blah blah blah. Nothing spectacular here but its great for bargain hunters and if you are building up a make up collection.

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  1. xannon says

    Thanks for the swatches!!
    have bought estee lauder deluxe eyeshadow and i can only use for very daily light looks.even the darker colours shows so light on my face,only abit shimmery ,

    so i would like to find some darker colour, not so heavy look but still can create some medium smoky eyes.cause i dont think i have so many fucntions that i can wear heavy smokey make up.

    eliminate those neutral color palettes eg champagne, for brown eyes only, .which palette you would like to recommend? the 10 color smokey eyes palette contain dark grey n black, i think it will be heavy and some ppl comment that its hard to blend unless u are good in make up.any comments on that?

    thanks for the patience,:D