Nude and Trendy! Tony Moly Trendy Nail Polish Haul & Swatches!

I wonder if you can suddenly catch a beauty disease?  I think I have temporarily dropped the lipstick disease for the nail polish one.  I can’t stop buying them!

I generally favour bright shades, like hot pinks and corals – they look best with my skintone although I am growing to like these sort of dirty muted nudes too.  These are the shades you’d buy jumpers in right? For work?

Tony Moly Trendy Nail Polish

Tony Moly polishes are lovely, come in tons of different shades and formulas, although they do tend to separate quickly.  Just get a man to give them a shake – don’t ask me why, but men seem to like shaking nail polishes.

These muted colours are from the Tony Moly ‘Trendy’ Collection. The full range:


Trendy Nail Polish Tony Moly

Although I don’t like really dark polishes I don’t like really light and nude colours either (what’s the point?!) so I picked some inbetween shades – TR07 a nude cream (warm), TR09 an aubergine-grey, TR10 a moss green and TTR11 and blue. I don’t do blue nail polishes – I actually needed a baby blue polish and couldn’t find one in my huge nail polish box:

Tony Moly Trendy Polish TR07 TR09 TR10 TR11

I really liked using these polishes!

I guess they’re not cheerful polishes but they are quite interesting to look at.  I particularly like the green TR10 and blue TR11 because they have a something extra to them and aren’t too dark.

Quite easy to apply, medium thick, good coverage but needs two coats and lasts about 4 days before chipping on me.

Tony Moly Trendy Nail Polish 1


I like Tony Moly polishes I will keep an eye out for new shades – over winter I can imagine using these colours when I want something quite muted but interesting too.

I paid about £7 each for these.


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  1. says

    The green is gorgeous, I have a few green nail polishes (I think I’m going through a bit of a phase) but this one is perfect! I need to try and get my hands on it! x

  2. says

    I’m not usually a fan of muted shades either, but that green is so unique! That one and the eggplant purple are perfect colours for the autumn/fall season <3