Now That I’m One Year Older…5 Beauty Resolutions

It’s my birthday tomorrow…I usually have some event planned but this time around, I guess I am just looking forward to spending the whole day with the Mr and Baby H, exploring some museums, lunch at our favourite Thai restaurant, followed by dinner with family.  

Anyway a lot has happened in the last 1-2 years…whilst I wouldn’t change anything, I can’t deny that I am looking (feeling) a LOT OLDER. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing (older, wiser) but it does mean that I have decided to break some bad beauty habits I have, mainly because I have to prioritise other things but now I will make a conscious effort to make some improvements so that even when I am senile in an old folks’ home, they will look at me and say…Cor, she’s got really nice skin…

Birthdy candles

1. I will moisturise my cuticles

I am quite smooth hands, and my nails grow quickly so I am quite lazy with hand care. I rarely use hand cream, I am more likely to use hand sanitiser.  This also means that my nails lose out on moisture and I do have dry cuticles and bits of skin that I am forever trimming off…glam I know. 

So, I have tons of cuticle oils and what not. I will make a conscious effort to try and moisturise them – it’s not as easy when you are at home and have housework and things to do (easier when you are at work on a desk) but I promise to look after them at least a few times a week so that they will look much neater! 

2. I will use an eye cream 

Once again, I have lots of lovely eye creams opened and used once.  But there’s something about the extra effort of pumping out some eye cream that gets on my nerves.  I’ve figured that I clean my face just before bed when I am truly at my most tired and am trying to get into bed quickly to not wake up Baby H, therefore I rush.  I need to cleanse my face earlier in the evening so I have more time to do these things, so I will change that.  Current eye creams in rotation; Kiehls, Darphin, HealGel, Elemis and a glorious Sisley one which is so expensive I pump it with care (ahem). To be fair I barely use these things and I have fine lines under my eye but no crows feet so…not too bad going but we want to KEEP IT THAT WAY!

3. I will cleanse properly 

As above I run out of time and don’t wash my face properly which isn’t really good when I can see that I am getting areas of congestion…blocked pores, urgh. When desperate I use Micellar water which works fine but not great for me if I am honest – maybe I sweat too much buy my skin feels better if I actually wash it with water too.  The last lady who did a facial for me spoke a lot of sense – use a milk and massage into the skin to break down the make up, use a hot flannel then tone, hydrating whilst the skin is still a little wet.  I will do this – I owe it to my pores! 

4. I will drink more liquid

Considering I still do a daily nurse with Baby H, I should be drinking tons of water but I don’t – it’s such a chore.  I could, however, drink coffee all day…to be fair I do like herbal tea, and I don’t mind lightly flavoured water.  I have recently been buying crates of coconut water which is my new obsession…I definitely see the difference inside and out when I am more hydrated. 

5. I will stop messing with my hair colour

I always seem to be correcting some kind of hair disaster – highlight weird, dye over it, it goes weird, tone it, dye over it, highlight it again etc.  My hair took a long time to recover post natal (I lost a lot of hair) and even now it feels thin to me when I used to have a ton of hair.  Dyeing it over and over isn’t helping so I am going to reach a happy medium with my hair (or even let it be it’s natural dark brown colour) and let it be healthy!

So…there’s nothing too major on my beauty resolutions list, but they are things which I thought I’d write down to make them ‘real’ and remind myself of these small improvements that will hopefully make a difference in say, 1 years time.

How about you? Are there any changes you mean to make beauty wise?

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