November 2013 Beauty Wish List!

Happy November! 

I love November, it’s a busy month for Birthdays for me, plus, it’s getting close to Christmas! I have actually done 90% of my Christmas shopping already – I wanted to be organised. 

I haven’t had any make up cravings for a while then all of a sudden, a bit of browsing, and suddenly there’s stuff I want again! I am quite selective about things on my wish list, as I have so much make up there’s not much that catches my eye these days.  Indeed, if you wish to kill any lemmings, feel free…

Charlotte Tilbury Make Up

LUXURY PALETTE Eyeshadow Palette Eyes Shop By Product Charlotte Tilbury

I have managed to avoid Charlotte Tilbury (make up artist supremo) so far, but I finally got round to looking at the range and it is a gorgeous as I thought it’d be. 

It is on the pricey side (£38 for an eyeshadow quad) but not unreasonable as far as high end make up goes.  

I have my eye on The Golden Goddess (pictured above) and The Glamour Muse, which has a striking purple and some muted lilac/grey tones.  But all of the eyeshadow quads look lovely and have a Tom Ford feel about them.

I also want to try out one of her lipsticks – the Hepburn, which reminds me of Nars’ Honolulu Honey looks right up my street. Her cosmetics are here. 


I have wanted my own Addiction eyeshadow palette with 6 custom picked colours for well over a year now but never had the chance to order.  The colours I want haven’t really changed that much…

Sandcastles (Highlight, beigey), Earth Wind (matte warm brown), Flashback (Silvery taupe), Twig (Grey), Concrete Jungle (muted mauve lilac brick type shade) and Fudge (Warm golden brown). 


Addiction is not cheap at all and putting a palette like this together would cost around £100 (with the palette). 

See Addiction here.

3 Concept Eyes

3CE (3 Concept Eyes) is a cosmetic brand by Korean fashion label, Style Nanda. I have a selection of their stuff already (to be reviewed) but I want MOAR.

The brand has quite an edgy feel and I love the selection of rich plums and purples that seem to flatter Asian skin tones like this colour, Burnt Red;


From what I have tried the cosmetics are pigmented and FUN! So many make up brands are boring these days. See the range here. 

So there is my small (but quite expensive) wish list! 

What beauty goodies do you want to get your hands on?

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