Notebook Geekery: Paperchase Day Trippers Notepad

Didn’t I say I have a notebook fetish?

Mr Candy found stacks and stacks of half used notebooks and diaries, and he has totally banned me from buying any more…but I couldn’t resist Paperchase’s new collection Day Trippers when I was browsing in store yesteryday:


I think Paperchase get it so, so right for stationery addicts like me. They release new collections every few months that they design, usually 2 or 3 at a time and each one appeals to me in some way or another.

There was the cat and dog collections, the sushi collection…I don’t know, but each design is always cute but still useable for adults (I think!), not the same level of sad as using say, a Winnie The Pooh or Forever Friends.

Anyway I felt I needed this notebook because I wanted something that wasn’t as heavy as my Leuchtturm to carry with me day to day, but I know I need something covered in plastic or hard back because paper ones rip on me.


I don’t like anything that’s too patterned inside either (that big thing is a bookmark I also bought to divide the pages) so this was just right. And my notebooks HAVE to be lined. Or else.

I also got some felt tip pens for Megan, my partner in crime, because she’s one of those kids that never seems to have felt tips or pencil crayons, and if she does manage to find one, its an old one dried out thing with the nib squished down.

I too, was one of those kids without a proper decent collection of felt tips. I won’t let Megan suffer the same fate:


I could spend 10 hours in Paperchase and find plenty to buy!

Did you buy or find anything special this week?

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  1. says

    Paperchase draws me in! I So want to sell some of my artwork printed on the items there one day.. a dream!! 😀 AWWW, no felt tips for mini Rowena? :( that makes me feel sad! Vair vair sad, and you are a loverly cousin to buy a nice shiny box of them. Faberoony!!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I absolutely love trawling through etsy for stationary. Am currently awaiting a parcel from for some O-check delights! Papernation also has some nice bits. xxx

  3. says

    OMGEEE I just went to paperchase yesterday and bought the same notebook! I think it is absolutely ADORABLE!! loving it 😀 good taste girl 😉