Not on a day when I haven’t had carbs: Pixum Photo Printing Services are Shiteous

Sorry but I have to get this rant out as I haven’t had a carb all day and am about to strangle someone….or something.

This doesn’t help.

I was looking for somewhere to print my holiday snaps (old people, like my Nan, you know, they like “real photos”) so came across Pixum – one of the first photo printing companies to appear on Google.

Everything looked good, I uploaded my photos (took about an hour, but that’s fine) and I went ahead and ordered the prints. Then it asked for my INVOICING address:


Ok, there’s not a ton of room there and since this is just my invoicing address, I know the details they need is the first line of my address and postcode to validate my card, so I enter this and the city.

Then before you know it my order is Confirmed. Erm ok. But where can I enter the delivery address?

Stop confusing me

No problem I think and go to the customer care form (no phone number – pet peeve) and tell them my order number and additional lines to my address as it’s quite long.

Now, it says the shipment date for my order is the 15th Sept (today is the 14th). Customer services takes 2 days on average to reply to an email. Hmmmm.

So I have a look at the FAQ and realise this must be a regular problem cos under “Changing your orders” it says:

To guarantee a prompt production of our customer orders, your order information is sent to our lab immediately after your order.

Immediately after transferring your files our lab starts with the production of the ordered products.

Therefore it is unfortunately production-related not possible to make changes or cancellations to your order or to single positions of your order.

Unfortunately this also concerns address changes.

I have entered an incorrect address, what can I do?

If you are worried that your current order will not be delivered, please contact our support. Please provide following information:

* Your order number
* The correct address

As soon as your order is returned to us, we will send it out again to the correct address. Naturally we will pay the additional postage costs for you. For your next order please make sure the delivery address is correct.

There must be others

Something tells me I am not the only one who is fooled by their badly organised ordering system.

So I’m thinking this line: For your next order please make sure the delivery address is correct. is rather cheeky!

– It isn’t that I ordered the WRONG address, I entered an incomplete address, which is because they were not clear about what was a delivery address and what was a invoicing address. This is something they should’ve made clear at the point of ordering.

– Rather than getting prints out asap, perhaps they need to take the extra day or so making sure things are ok because sending out my prints right away is pointless if it’s destined to not get to me.

– Presumably I now have to wait for the items to be returned to them which will take a week, a few weeks, who knows? Which is a shitty system because let’s face it, these prints are cheap to produce and what they should do is send out a new set to the correct address and keep the one that is returned for throwing darts at or something.

I need bread

So, there’s £4 something down the pan, and a waste of my bandwith. These photos will get sent back because I didn’t even get my street name or building name on there, and it will probably reappear in 4 weeks time, long after my Nan’s senility will make her forget that I even went on holiday.

Pixum is not my friend.

Pixum is not my Nan’s friend.

Pixum is not Mr C’s Nana’s friend.

Going to try Asda prints. Good old Asda.

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  1. says

    Hi there,

    We found your review of our photo service online and apologise for the problems with your order.

    Unfortunately it is still not possible to change the delivery address after placing an order, but there is a separate delivery address box in the shopping basket for you to enter it.

    In the 2nd step of the shopping basket where you can enter the invoicing address, there is a blue line that you can click that says “Alternative delivery address”. Once clicked, additional boxes for the delivery address appear.

    Please let us know if you have any other suggestions how we can improve our website and our services. Or if there is anything else we can help you with.

    Kind regards,
    Felicia @ Pixum

  2. says

    Could you send me the order number via email so I can check what happened and make future improvements in our customer service department?

    I would gladly offer you a voucher to test our services again, as we have made some significant changes to our website and our products & services this year. If necessary, we can keep in contact via Twitter or Facebook and I can show you the process or help you if needed.

    Let me know, I’m here to help!