Not just a pretty package: Lavshuca Brow Powder Review

Eye brow pencils, eye brow powders, eyebrow gels – what’s your preference?

I am a brow gel fan because mine are already quite dark and thick and tinted gels are natural and quick to use. My favourite brow pencil is Shu Uemura’s Hard Pencil which is very natural.

This Lavshuca Brow Powder is one of those things I chucked in the basket at the last moment when doing a little haul.

Lavshuca Brow powder.jpg

This powder comes in two shades, LB-1 (light brown) and BR-1 (Dark Brown). I got LB-1 as prefer lighter colours for my brows.

Lavshuca Eyebrow Brow Powder.jpg

Japanese Eye Brow powders are quite unique in that they tend to gie you a few shades to choose from – a dark for the end of the brow shading the area by the start of the brow and the nose and, the mid shade for the body of the brow and the highlighter for under the brow.

Of couse you can mix and use how you prefer – but you’ve got to love how they think of everything. Some brow sets also include a wax.

eyebrow powder lavshuca.jpg

This is a great brow powder for less than £10 – the powder is pigmented but not so strong (I have a habit of being a little too heavy handed sometimes!).

Here is the before and after:

lavshuca eyebrow powder brow.jpg

Bleh! Now with the powder:

lavshuca brow powder.jpg

The result is a few shades darker (despite choosing a lighter powder – I just really worked it into the brow) but still looks quite natural I think.

I LOVE the shading thing too, which should be used between the brow and the start of the nose. You can also use it the darker shade the rest of the nose (its a lovely cool toned matte powder) so win – win all round.


If it had a brow wax as well, I would love it!

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    • Row says

      Hi PP

      Yes we are all mocking you. Now go and get some brow powder!

      Actually I rarely wear product on my brows. Everyones different I guess some people have sparse brows or are very fair and this is a necessary step!

    • Row says

      Hi Ally

      I don’t really do anything! My brows are just quite straight and thick.

      All I do is tweeze extra hairs on top and below and on a special occasion use a wax. Thats it!