Not a Review, more of a lament: My Clarisonic Face Brush Stopped Working *updated*

Update: 12/06/10

Was on the phone about 3 times to Clarisonic. Was supposed to be called back but had to chase them up and eventually Clarisonic said they’d send me a new UK charger to try.

The charger came from the US, it only took about 4 days. Tried it out…and yes, it works! So it was the charger that broke, d’oh.

Kudos to the Clarisonic customer service who sent out a new charger quickly and without much hassle, and without penalising me for having the unit for over 12 months. That’s American companies for you.

On the downside….my brush is pink, the new charger is white. This will annoy me till the day I die because I like things to match. Even thinking about it now is giving me a rash. Heigh-ho.

After the Laura Mercier incident and a weekend away eating endless junk food, my skin is punishing me by giving me lots and lots of gigantic, painful spots.

So I dug out my Clarisonic Brush (Purchased in late July 2008. It wasn’t out in the UK then so I shipped it over from the USA and it cost me $200).


Horror of horrors. It’s broken. Or the charger isn’t working. Tried it with my adaptor plug, etc. and all I am getting is a flashing green light.

(Other things that have broken at Casa Candy this month:

1. PS3
2. Widescreen TV
3. My MAQUillage Lipstick)

I am a little bit pissed because its pretty much been living in a box for the last 12 months. I have used it (on my mother’s life) less than 50 times in total (I am thinking more like 35 times. My skin was very delicate at the time that I bought it and the Clarisonic was a bit too rough but it would probably work a treat now).

I’ve had it in total for 19 months and I am hoping, due to the amount of times its been used and the cost they can swap it or repair it or something. Otherwise what a complete waste of $200 that was – these things that cost so much money should be built to last for a decent amount of time.

Am consulting the Clarisonic Customer Services. If they can’t fix it I sure as hell won’t be paying out for another one, I’ll be relying on this.

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  1. Joyce Santiago says

    This is so weird.

    The same exact thing happened to me today. I haven’t used my Clarisonic since January and before then I used it maybe a total of four times (yes, I’m THAT busy. Or lazy.). I plugged it in today and no green light. It sat there and stared at me defiantly. I’m keeping it plugged in until tomorrow morning and hope things will look up then.

    Please keep us updated with what happens with customer service. This thing is far too expensive to die after just a few uses!

    • Row says

      Hi Joyce

      They sent me a replavement charger and it worked!

      Please do get in touch with them if you need help cos they are pretty damn good! x

  2. says

    Hi Row,
    Sorry you had some issues but glad to hear they are all worked out now with the new charger! If you ever have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at +44(0)800.988.4864. We also have a Facebook page that is dedicated to the UK for further customer service (
    Hope everything continues to go smoothly with your new (non-pink) charger!

    • Row says

      Hi Clarisonic

      Everything was handled quickly and yeah it works now, that’s the most important thing. I know a lot of companies wouldn’t help, so well done to you guys!

  3. sabyso the says

    the product is supposed to be good in the first place….but since I am in the beauty business I know how it works……the beauty biz is like any other, the only concern is MONEY. I am sure they manufacture them dirt cheap then sell them so expensive , you are paying for the expensive advertisement ! by the way, try a facial if you break out, it still is the best
    good luck honey !