Not a proper post, post: haircut, congee, Orange is the New Black etc.

Here I am, sat indoors on a gloriously sunny Friday afternoon because my hay fever in unbearably bad and I have just realised I have barely blogged this week. Unfortunately I just don’t feel well at all – fatigue and general not-well-ness means I’ve not been able to concentrate on much, not even to write about pretty make up.  I will catch up, just give me a moment to recuperate…

Let’s see..this week I got a haircut. I’ve been bored of my heavy, frizzy, over processed hair for a while but it just suddenly started to feel ‘heavy’.  You know when your hair just starts to feel like a dead weight and it has to come off?

Here we are on the way to the hairdressers….


I duck faced it, but this was supposed to be a private picture, but never mind.  I am wearing a new OCC Stained Lip Gloss which is just AMAZING, I love it. 

Mother Candy watched H as I went to the hairdressers (a last minute Living Social deal, will I never learn?).  Asked mother to watch Baby H and also to take a photo of my hair before (this was after about 20 photos, who knew it was so hard to take a picture of the back of someone’s head?).

Before hair cut

Why did it get so dry and raggedy? I over dyed it. I go to the hairdressers, they screw up my highlights and I end up with disgusting orange chunks, which I dye over, but it’s too dark, so I remove it, and dye it again, but it’s a bit orangey, so I remove it, and dye it, then I decide to mess with some home ombre, it looks awful so I dye over it…you get the jist.  I need to find a decent hairdresser. 

Anyway without going into too much detail, my hair cut was fine but he definitely cut off more than I asked.  He also told me an awful lot about his personal life, which was a little bit too much (can we go back to the weather?).  Have you ever got the sense that your hairdresser is selfish?  I did, just from some of the stories.  I don’t think I’d recommend a selfish hairdresser to my friends. I am digressing. 

Here is my after hair. I am sat on the loo (not pooing just sat on it) and I have cried off my make up because of the above aforementioned hay fever:


It’s been such a nice week, there’s been one great achievement. The WASHING.  Washing that’s dried in the sun always feels fresher, no?  

H has been really into his congee this week. He’s a good eater and I am happy that he’s happy to try most things.  

If you don’t know what Congee is, it’s a rice porridge, common in Asia. Adults eat it, children eat it, it’s probably one of the first things Chinese parents give their kids.  It’s good if you’re feeling off too.

I love Congee with black eggs.  H has it with chicken, fresh spinach, peas, sometimes carrots too, see below:

Congee for kids

I would actually recommend this to people with fussy kids (worth a try right?) because it can be as bland or as flavoured as you want.  You can use brown rice which is healthier but it will take you a fair bit longer to make as you need the rice to break down.  Never use easy cook rice – they coat that stuff with some weird crap, because I once boiled it for 3 hours and IT DIDN’T BREAK DOWN.  Some freaky mutant rice thing going on there.  

Only thing is Congee is not great after the initial cooking, it’s not freezable and I wouldn’t keep it longer than a day but it doesn’t take too long to cook, you don’t need to batch cook it. 

The above is made with just about 2 handfuls of rice (long grain) boiled in water.  Bring it to the boil and don’t stir it.  It starts to break down after a while. I usually add a baby stock cube, Mother candy doesn’t.  Add chopped chicken (raw or pre cooked), spinach cut down – no stalks, carrots and peas towards the end.  It reaches this consistency after around…well if its me it takes about 40 mins. Mother Candy has some magic going on cos she can get it like this in 15-20 minutes. I always season with a small pinch of sea salt and white pepper – H likes his flavour, I am sorry. 

This week I also had to go to hospital where they totally messed up my appointments and treatment…it was weird as I don’t usually find the NHS that disappointing, but I really was, and am.  Still trying to fix they’re mess. 

See the state of my arm? I do have hard to find veins, but even so, the nurse took 2 vials of blood, then came back and said WHOOPS I NEED 3. Fantastic. I can’t say this arm looks flattering with summer dresses:


And here we are at Friday again.  Sunday is a morning out for Mama so H will be looked after by Mother Candy all by herself for the first time EVER (wish her luck!). Next week is very busy as we are moving house midweek. and I have a number of hospital visits earlier on in the week.  I am not getting stressed, I know that this is just a transitional stage….ommmm lmmmmm. 

One of our favourite things to do – just cuddle and watch a bit of CBeebies:

Cuddles 1

Speaking of TV I got sucked into watching Orange if the New Black and I LOVE IT. Season 1 was so addictive, I watched it all in a matter of days. I am on Episode 3 of Season 2 and I am finding it much slower this time around – not less enjoyable but just a little bit less exciting.  Hope it picks up soon though. My favourite character is Piper! She reminds me of a friend of mine, who would make exactly the same gaffes as her!

One last thing – wish lists! I am on a a semi-no buy…in other words I can be tempted but I am generally trying to think twice before each purchase. I really want:

Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Valentina

I saw this on a YouTube video and it looked lovely on the model who had similar colouring to me. I hope I don’t regret spending £16 on such a bright lipstick, I am a nudes girl usually.

48446 jpg 300×300 1

Steam Mop

I’ve wanted one forever but never seen the point without a plenty of hard floors to clean – now that we are moving I really can’t wait to get one of these. I want one with a hand attachment so I can do the bathrooms and kitchen sinks too. Buy Morphy Richards 720503 3 in 1 Sweep and Steam Cleaner | John Lewis


Everyone keeps going on about Burrata’s (mozzarella with cream in the middle I believe). I am going to have a serious tummy ache after this amount of dairy but still I really want to try it! Waitroise have some for just £2.65:

Search Results Waitrose

So that’s it really.  Glad this week is over. So ready for next week – bring it on!

Have you had a nice week?

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    Do you want burrata?????? Do you know hwere burrata is from? Puglia. Do you know where I am from? Puglia my darling!!!! I will try this one from waitrose and I will tell you if it’s similar.