Not a Book, it’s a Mook: Jill Stuart & Mary Quant Mooks Autumn Winter 2010

Me and the 10 year old had a debate as I thought that these Mooks were pronounced Moo-uk and she said it’s MUCK. I suspect she may be right. That’s the last Happy Meal she gets from me.

Mooks are a cross between a magazine and a book. They’re better made than books, are highly collectable and come with fabulous gifts!

I don’t buy these very often but this year I ordered Jill Stuarts Mook and Mary Quant from The shipping took AGES and AGES, almost 5 weeks!


The Jill Stuart Mook has a collection of looks and tutorials from their gorgeous make up range. It’s almost like…well one big advert but it’s oh so pretty!


The photographs are so lovely and the tutorials are quite useful. The way the incorporated the free gift is stupid though – it comes in a cardboard box that is embedded in the last page of the magazine…You have to pull the box out to get the make up bag so you run the risk of ripping the magazine.

You could try and leave the box in but then what’s the point of having a big bulky box attached to the magazine once you have taken the free gift out. Grrrr.


Here is the free gift! The fabric isn’t wonderful but it’s decent and seems like it would hold up to water and things ok (I’m not saying take it for a swim, I’m saying it would be ok if you splashed some water!).

It comes with the bow charm too:


There’s two pockets. It’s a good make up bag for the weekend or for a short trip. There’s a mesh section and a brush holder section inside:


The Mary Quant Mook I bought for the free shopping bag!

I have to say I love the looks in here. Although this Mook is a mixture of make up and fashion it’s not out boring:


I want Mary Quant make up so badly now! I love the way you can mix the colours up in the palette!

Here is the free bag:


I love it! The material is really thick so it’s pretty sturdy and I just love the design on it:


The bag is spacious too perfect for a number of things! You get a charm too:


I paid about £13 for these magazines from

I can’t read them, I just look at pretty pictures. :)

Shipping is super slow at the moment because Hong Kong is running out of cargo space (I can’t believe I know that) so if you want this for Christmas you’re gonna have to be fast!

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  1. says

    I’ve got the Jill Stuart Mook and really like it, the pictorials are lovely! Love the gift too, I left the box on the mook but it’s so bulky, I might rip it out ¬¬

    I’m waiting on a YA order too and it’s been over four weeks :(

  2. says

    I love these…I always pick them for their free gift! Thankfully the store I grab them from, always has the free gifts out on display, so that you can see whether or not the quality is what you’re expecting.

    Do they have those in-store in the UK?

    • Row says


      These magazines? In London they sell Mooks in the Japan centre but none near me! I have to buy online :(