Nooooooo Dexter

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Noooo! Dexter is probably my favourite US tv show, considering it started at the same time as Heroes and Ugly Betty, I have completely lost interest in the latter shows but Dexter lives on.

Anyway, my favourite serial killer, Michael C. Hall married his sister, the one who walks and talks like a man. Yes I know it’s his pretend sister, but they act it so well. Gross! Any Dexter fan would agree.

When I asked my other half to guess who had *shockingly* got married, he replied in all seriousness, “Hugh Jackman and his wife?”. And THAT is why I am not married.

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  1. says

    what?? eww that is pretty weird. I wonder how it doesn’t affect their acting. It seems hard to pretend that your wife/husband is actually your brother/sister…

  2. Row says

    Hey Blu

    Yeah, it reminds me of this couple who were on the Come Dancing show in the UK a year or two ago. They were brother and sister but they had to do all the sexy, salsa dances together and they were constantly being told off for not conveying passion for each other, and that they had to get over the fact they were siblings….pretty strange.

    I don’t have siblings, but the boyf tells me he’d rather extract his spleen with a spoon than dance with his sister…in any way….