No no no Eva Longoria! The Racoon Look aka Too much highlighter!

First Nicole Kidman with her weird powder incident, then Eva Longoria…


I know we want to create light around the eye area but COME ON! Concealer too light, powder too light. The centre of her face is bout 5 shades lighter than her neck.

Make up artist to blame? Or do you think it looks good?

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  1. tigerslovepepper says:

    Maybe she went snowboarding wearing goggles in a very sunny day, or sunbathed wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses in an exotic seaside resort… who knows… 😀

  2. this strangely enough reminds me of the picture of kim kardashian you posted recently. J Lo likes doing this too. I dread to see what it looks like under the harsh light of the day / poor light from the lift / light from the communal toilets. I could break posh spice’s shoulder blade (?) with my little finger…

  3. Shari Reilly says:

    No, it doesn’t look good, it looks ridiculous!

  4. I hate that, it looks so unnatural!! And unfortunately there are quite many people who do this, thinking it’s flattering :/

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