No. 5: Skinfood Broccoli UV Sun Cream SPF42

I am still reviewing all the Skinfood products I own – there aren’t that many but I am slowly learning more about the brand. So far I have mad more sucesses than misses.

Next up is one of my newer purchases – the Broccoli Sun Cream with a high protection factor of SPF42.


I mentioned in a previous review I like odd flavours and smells. There was also a tomato sun cream but I opted for Broccoli because its one of my favourite vegetables when cooked in the Chinese way.

Why the Chinese way? Cos its tasty good! Garlic+Broccoli+Steam/Wok+Oyster Sauce = Rowena gets to eat.

The British way (as disclosed my the other half). Broccoli+Boiling Water+As long as possible+A little bit longer = Disintegrating green mush. Hence he was not into Broccoli, or ‘trees’ as his mama calls them, until he met me.

But I digress.

The sun is out girls, and I hope you are all using just a little UV.

To be fair, a lot of creams and foundations have a SPF in them already but you should also think about applying it on your hands and arms, and chest area.


Oh yes, I was saying how I love Broccoli. Apparently, Broccoli has sun protective elements:

In tests on humans and mice, researchers from John Hopkins University found that sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts reduces redness resulting from sun exposure, known as erythema.

Unlike sunscreens, the extract does not absorb cancer-linked UV light and prevent its entry into the skin but instead works inside cells by boosting the production of protective enzymes that defend cells against UV damage.

Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the researchers argue that the way the broccoli extract works means its effects are long-lasting.

They estimate that it could protect the skin after several days and even after the extract is no longer present on or in the skin.

Dr Paul Talalay commented: “Treatment with this broccoli sprout extract might be another protective measure that alleviates the skin damage caused by UV radiation and thereby decreases our long-term risk of developing cancer.”

In tests on six volunteers, at the highest doses UV-induced redness and inflammation were reduced by an average of 37 per cent. Source

Is there anything Broccoli can’t do!?


You get 50ml of this white lotion. Now, for me one of my big bug bears is UV cream that is oily or greasy or whitish on the skin. A lot of the western counterparts (in terms of sun cream) is still behind the Japanese ones when it comes to this – for example I have a Clinique and a Clarins UV cream practically still full because they were too thick and far too greasy to use on my face with make up.

On the other hand my Anessa and Shiseido sun creams, or ‘milks’ sink in quickly and don’t feel greasy or look too white on the skin.

Broccoli sun cream is inbetween the two. It’s a thicker lotion – its not as light as a milk or as heavy as the traditional types of creams. It doesn’t leave a horrible residue at all and feels like a moisturizer, not a greasy liquid.

I like it! I wonder if in extremely hot weather this would feel a little rich – so far it sits nicely under my cream base so I like it. n very oily skin, you may find this a tad too rich.


And does it smell of Broccoli? Not quite Broccoli, but a fresh, green scent that is not at all sweet. Like….really fresh lettuce. I love it! It’s not foul, no one will give you odd looks on the bus, I promise.

I got it from eBay for £11.

RECOMMENDED! (but not for very oily skins)

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  1. says

    hi there,

    stumbled upon your blog =)

    you are right, this doesn’t score with oily skin, especially in hot and humid weather in Asia, literally heavy on skin, i say. i reckon drier skin type would appreciate this more. oh ya, i love the scent too.

    anyway, keep blogging.


    • Row says

      Hi Anonymous

      True – this is for an asian market, in asia yet, its wayyyy to thick. Shame, I love it though, it works for my dry skin/cold weather! x