No. 4: Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Face Mask

So we are still talking about Skinfood! Next up is the Black Sesame face mask!


I love black sesame. I recently had some black sesame ice cream at a Japanese restaurant and I LOVED it. Musky, nutty flavour. But this is not ice cream! This is a face mask!

The texture is gooey and sticky. Once you have applied it to the face it only takes a minute to warm up and it gets quite hawt!


I left it for 10 mins (this mask doesn’t set). Afterwards I washed it off and it left my skin fairly soft, but a little red. There are small sesame pieces in it, so there are some exfoliation qualities in there too.

My verdict? It smells delicious and it warms up nicely, if you like that kind of thing. It left my skin a little red and itchy – I have found that warm up masks are a little too harsh on my sensitive skin, but I would use this again on my t-zone, avoiding the cheeks and eyes.

For oily/combination skin, it’s perfect. For dry ladies, I would avoid, same for those with very sensitive skin.

Marks – 3/5.

This is on sale from eBay, about £10 including shipping!.

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  1. sue says

    Mmmm I will prolly be tempted to eat it….my fav. chinese dessert is the black sesame soup!

    • Row says

      Hey Sue

      Love that desert. Boyfriend is English, no understand why you would every have sesame as a soup!!! or ice cream!

      I already tried to lick it, its bitter.

  2. says

    Oh I would be so tempted to eat that as well. I had this warm mochi with yummy black sesame filling in Taiwan before, and it’s just the most delicious thing ever!

    • Row says

      Hi Gloria

      Mmmmm. I licked this face mask it and its 50% tasty, 50% completely gross. I think Mochi might be better.