No. 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish Swatches in Silk, Fury and Revenge

One of the things I look for when it comes to nail polish is that it is fast drying..although no matter how fast it dries I always seem to smudge my polish! How do people stay still enough for their polish to dry completely?!?!

I have had a few No. 17 Polishes before and I have to say, I am impressed with them.  These 3 colours are fairly new releases!

No 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish Fury Peridot Revenge Silk

No 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish in Silk (rich deep green), Fury (Gold-green…Chanel Peridot-a-like?) and Revenge a mauve purple shade. All of the polishes have a metallic finish and I find the very easy to apply.

The thing about the No 17 Polishes is that they do appear on the smaller side but then I never finish a polish so I don’t mind.

I can see why these 3 colours were released – they are interesting and suitable for Autumn and Winter.  Yes they dry quickly – I would be doing anything too fancy when it’s first applied but I did think it was touch dry within a few minutes. The fact it dries quickly makes it drag a little when you apply a second coat.

Another issue I had was a weird uneven pattern that formed on the nail once it had dried. I tried this out on my nails, on a few plastic nails too and I found it occurred on all of them (with the metallic green and gold) – I don’t know if this just affected my batch though!.

No 17 Fast Finish Nail Polish Swatches in Silk Fury and Revenge

Verdict: I like the green polish and the gold is unusual too.  I’m not in love with any of the colours though and actually, thinking about it the fact it dries so quickly makes it tricky to layer it and gave me a funny finish.

Have you tried these shades?

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