No. 1: MU GU Lip Gloss Set

This is a special feature, a quick review of the items I bought from Shopping99 a Taiwanese site that sells beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods.

This super party queen lip set was one of my first purchases from shopping99.

It features 4 super sparkly glosses:

I love how sparkly the glosses are and I really like the plastic spatula applicator. The texture is quite a standard gloss texture, there’s no overly sticky texture or strong smell which makes it a really nice gloss to use.

I love sparkly gloss so I really like this. A video featuring the use of this product is here.

The price is around £5, although with the pricey shipping, plus customs, plus dodgy exchange rate I think realistically around £8-£9. Still good value for four glosses in completely different shades.


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