Nintendo DS Face Exercise!

So Nintendo Japan are releasing a DS camera and this nifty little game, like Facercise but with the camera you can watch yourself doing it at the same time!

Obviously aimed at women, I wonder how many times most people will play this game? I suppose its a good little thing to take on the train with you (or maybe not).

I am concerned about getting a wobbly chin…but…you know spending £20 on a game that teaches you how ain’t much fun. What is really fun though is the Legend of Zelda. I am nearly at the end of the game and I have put it away for a week because I don’t want it to end.

Geek? Me? Yep.

I have bought Brain Training (Dr Kawoshima is good but repetitive. I got brain of a 24 year old and that was good enough for me) to keep me otherwise entertanined which is good, but not as charming as the Wii verision. It get very challenging as the game goes on, do not be decived by the jellybean headmaster!

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  1. Vanessa says

    Hi there! Thanks for the comment! I love your makeup blog as well! It’s quite addicting isn’t it??? :)

  2. RF says

    Hey Vanessa

    Thanks for visting! I love looking at your blog – i ordered NYX Lake Moss from looking at your swatches :) Thanks for commenting!