Nicola McLean’s bionic breasts

Every evening as I watch I’m a Celebrity, I wait for them.  Like two bouncy watermelons they have me in mesmerized, in awe and disgust.  I’m talking about Page 3 girl Nicola McLean’s bionic gazungas.

Nothing new about a Page 3 girl having a boob job, but it seems that with Nicola’s the person pumping in the fluid forgot to say “Stop!”.

They stand up all on their own, of course, because they are fake.  Other naturally big boobed ladies will know naturally your chest has a little sag to it –


Especially if you have a naturally small frame.  Salma Hayek also has a OTT boob job but at least she has the curvy latina look:

I don’t know why you would ever surgically enhance them to that size though.  But Nicola McLean don’t worry, there will always be one woman who has a worse boob job than you:

Posh’s boobs are just hideous.  Like two solid egg yolks it doesn’t help that she’s scrawny as hell.

Anyway, I’ll be watching the bionic boobs again tonight!

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  1. says

    All these birds look strange with their ill-gotten bosoms; I’ve seen more realistic knockers on grown men.

    I’ve never understood womens’ obsession with (fake) pneumatic breasts as even naturally large breasts are no fun; who in her right mind would pay thousands of dollars/pounds for that kind of trouble?

    BTW: before her nose and boob jobs, Salma Hayek used to look a right mess! You have to see her ‘before’ pictures!

  2. Row says

    Hey Pandy

    Wooahhh I have seen Salma’s nose job – theres a HUGE difference. She has transformed herself to super hot with the surgery for sure. bit like Halle Berry’s conk – can’t imagine her with a bigger nose now.