Nicky Clarke Hair Straightener Winners, Runner Up & Commentary

Ladies, as always thank you so much for entering my giveaways. I’ve finally had a chance to pick 5 winners so here they are. If you can pop me an email with your address, thats’s a big help. I will try to get these out by the end of December!

Day One – When was the last time you were traumatised? (see all the comments here!)

Some super funny comments here ladies!


Blue accused me of causing her trauma – she’s kind of right. But what can I say? eBay should have laws against things like this.

Charan and Ashley and Diskogal’s stories I found truly traumatic – who wants to see a close relative naked or doing ‘it’? I swear, if I saw my mother/aunts/cousins doing anything sexual or nekkid, I would gouge my eyes out in the manner of King Lear, sharpish.

Nina mentioned good old 2 girls 1 cup – Nina, Nina, didn’t someone give you a synopsis before hand? Once the word ‘faeces’ was mentioned you should have ran away, screaming. (No, I’ve never seen it, have no desire to either).

Emma’s story is just….well go read it. Its pretty traumatising.

Shadow & Jo B talk bums, Claire talks front bums….

Anyway the winner of Day One is:


Her story involves periods. I think we’ve all been there. But not on a mini skirt day. Therefore, Janice deserves this. Send me your address Janice!

Day 2 – You can invent something. It can be for personal reasons or for the greater good. What is it?

japanese invention.jpg

Comments are here!

Maxime made me laugh – sometimes people don’t make it to the end of a post my love!

There was on overwhelming amount of cleaning based inventions – girls don’t you know, you don’t need a cleaning machine you just need a partner with OCD.

Melissa’s invention I thought was very useful – an instant language learner – that would be amazing I’ve always wanted to learn to speak all kinds of languages but have ever had time. But then again, if we could all speak every language, how would me and my mother slag off that annoying woman in the queue?

Claire wants an All in One make up stick – but Claire! There would be no more beauty blogs!

Anyway the winner is:


Leanne is going for the classic but goody invention, the Teleporter. For sheer descriptive er, description and how well she’s thought it out, she will be getting a pair of Nickys!

Day 3 – What is your top hair electrical tool and your top styling products?

Ok, so this question just had sensible answers, although it seems I am not the only lazy one when it comes to my hair! *phew!*

So I have picked the winner based on who I thought recommended pieces that I (and other readers) could investigate, so the winner is:

sarah A. Dahir

Day 4…Finish this sentence – Why, oh why did I……

Ok let’s see –

Judging by the answers no one can stop spending. I totally understand. Then there are the people who regret purchases (totally understand) and the once who wish they could stop procrastinating (also understand that) and people who want more exercise (yep yep, I’m with ya)

Ashley – no idea why you got the palette, but keep it, I will figure out who is missing one and sort them out as and when ;o)

I couldn’t pick so I am randomizing it! chose the winner, who is:

Jo B

Finally Day 5 – What does Christmas mean to you?

Lots of lovely, lovey dovey answers – if you want to feel warm and fuzzy just read them here!

I randomized this too as it was too hard to pick and the winner is:


So a recap the winners are:

Jo B
Sarah A. Dahir

Also – because its Christmas I’ve decided to pick 10 random commenters who commented on the Nicky Clarke competition (using a send them each a fairtrade goody bag with soap & lipbalm.

These girls are:

Shadow – Sent!

Maxime – Sent!



styleezta – Sent!


Kirsten – Sent!

Nadine – Sent!

Phi – Sent!


*Waiting for other ladies’ addresses

Please girls, if you can, email me (use the contact form) with your postal addresses and I will get your prizes out ASAP!



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  1. sarah A.dahir says

    oh my God i actually won. Thank you thank you. Im so happy right now. I wil be sending you my address in few moments. First let me finish my excitement jumps. :-)