Nicky Clarke Ceramic Waving Wand Review

Some people make that ‘beachy waves’ look easy to achieve…I’m afraid I’m not one of those people.  It always take a lot of faff to get a result and I’ve tried all sorts of curlers – ones with a clip, no clips, thick ones, thin ones, rollers.  Sometimes they curl too much, some times not at all.

I thought this Nicky Clarke Ceramic Waving Wand was pretty interesting – I have’t seen a rod type curler this sort of shape before! 

Nicky Clarke Ceramic Waving Wand Review

They say:

Natural beachy waves are the order of the day, and this desirable style can now be achieved with ease at home, thanks to the Waving Wand from number 1 celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke. Unlike other wands and curling tongs, this features an innovative ‘calabash’ shape and is designed with beautiful, flowing, natural waves in mind.

Reaching a top temperature of 200°c, it has the performance to match your great looks, and will ensure that your styling at home is not just stunning, but is also quick, efficient and easy.

A 22mm barrel gives you close control but natural volume, and the Waving Wand’s ceramic technology promotes smooth, shiny waves. The 3m power cord is flexible and allows for easy manoeuvrability as you style your hair.

To clarify, I am not great at doing my hair, never have been, but I muddle through. My goal was to get laid back waves as quickly as possible and WITHOUT INJURY! 

The Nicky Clarke Waving Wand has this strange bobbly shape thing going on, which makes it look like it’s swallowed a few gobstoppers – the tip is cool so you can hold that when curling your hair.  Unfortunately this doesn’t come with a heat protective glove, which is a shame as I think it would be a useful addition. 

This product heats up very quickly, barely any time at all and you are good to go!

Nicky Clarke Ceramic Waving Wand Review 1

I used this very randomly – curling large strands around the barrel. It took me about 5 minutes and the curl seems to hold quite well (do my fellow Asian girls remember the days when curlers wouldn’t hold our super straight hair!?).  

I don’t know if it is the randomness of the shape of the barrel that helped, but I did feel like my waves were quite messy and had that tousled look (sometimes I find curlers create a too ‘uniform’ look, if that makes sense). 

This doesn’t have temperature variation and has one on and off switch.  It feels plastic and quite lightweight which isn’t a bad thing as I get arm ache easily! I do! 

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I actually had quite a lot of success using this product and have been using it more than my new clippy curler and my pricer curling wand (I will review all of these soon), which is surprising. I just find it is quite quick and easy to use. 

Bad Photo Booth picture – but you get the idea. I use a volumising liquid which I love (review coming) and a Kerastase salt spray to finish.  It seems to hold until I wash my hair again (which is at the most, 48 hours between washes). 

Nicky Clarke Waving Wand

The ceramic wand is £19.99 (so reasonable) and you can buy it here from Amazon.  If you need a protective glove, then you will have to get this separately.


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  1. says

    Love the way your hair turned out! I’ve been seeing all the reviews and demos of people using curling wands, yet I haven’t bought one myself fearing I’d fail at it just like I do with a regular curling iron. Maybe I’ll give this a try :) Thanks Ro! x

  2. says

    this is great. i have the perfect person for this. Your hair looks wonderful. i like the cool tip as well… reduces the burn factor. this is gonna be a great gift. thanks.