Nice pits! Gatsby Powder Deodorant Spray in Lime Green Review

You don’t want to stink, no one else want’s you to stink. I don’t know about you but since I have sensitive arm pits I am careful with what deodorant I use.

99% I won’t use a spray because I find it causes all kinds of problems such as itchy skin or even lumps under the skin which aren’t at all nice to find.

I thought I’d try this powder deodorant from Gatsby, a popular high street men’s brand in Japan. I’ve always liked more masculine smells anyway:


Although Lime isn’t necessarily masculine! Want to see a commercial?!

Wow. Takuya Kimura! Dancing strangely. Handsome man though! Why don’t we have adverts like that in the UK?! Better than some stupid Lynx advert anyway.

Gatsby powder deodorant spray is residue free and non clumping. What I like about it is it really doesn’t flake or cause any irritation and really keeps you fresh even when you get really sweaty.

The lime smell is great! Really fresh.

It has a cool twisty lid, far better tan the plastic lids we get over here:


You have to give this a really good shake before use though and don’t spray it too close to your skin or you get a c-c-c-old rush. But overall I really like this deodorant! It’s kept me fresh without (it seems) causing me any skin problems.

I bought this from eBay.

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  1. says

    i like men smell too! gonna look for this for my man, he likes gatsby, currently using their hair gel

    xoxo elle

  2. Jen says

    I’ve heard good things about Gatsby products, still yet to try out any of their products but I too am partial to more masculine fragrances as opposed to feminine floral ones, so this would be right up my street! Lime sounds super-refreshing :)

  3. says

    ooh, lime sounds quite nice. I’ll try it. it’ll probably be good in the summer when it’s super hot.

    Thanks for the review! It wouldn’t have occurred to me to try this :)

  4. Patty says

    Kimura Takuya… So gorgeous!!

    In a warmer weather maybe the cold rush makes you feel more refreshed!