Nice Highlighter: Stila Kajal Pencil in Topaz

Stilaaaaaa! Stilaaaaa! Where for art thou?

Well infact, Stila is everywhere in the UK, constantly on sale, on eBay, Brand Alley etc. etc. I like Stila but I don’t have a knockout product from the company.

I picked up this Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz after people told me it was the perfect inner eye highlighter. “Geez, haven’t you heard of it?” they said in the comments.

Yah I have heard of it, but I couldn’t find it!

stila kajal eye liner in topaz.jpg

Well here it is, from eBay for £8 including shipping. I have a few of the other Kajal pencils but they don’t work for me – they don’t show up on my waterline.

Topaz is a shimmer-free apricot peach:

Stila Topaz Kajal.jpg

Apricot Peach….hmmm. You always have to be careful applying white and light colours on the inner rims I think so you don’t look like Dolly Parton…in a bad way.
Well, this Stila Pencil is just….lovely.

The light peach looks nice on the inner eye, really brightens up without looking too harsh! Plus for some reason this pencil works like a dream on my eyes – no tugging at all.

I refuse to rub any pencil over and over on my eyes to get the pigment off.


stila kajal pencil topaz.jpg


Have this pencil? Like this pencil? Prefer white? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Megan says

    Yay, you got it! 😀
    This was basically my face when I read that you hadn’t purchased it before : ?_?
    Hahah, just sayin’.

  2. roisin says

    I always hate it when the eye shadow I use in my inner eye is really light I think I look scary. Now I have to make sure I keep this in mind

  3. says

    Yay, you found it! I’ve never actually tried this, as my waterline’s doing pretty alright on its own, but now I kind of want it >.<

  4. Lyn says

    That looks quite pretty, and very natural too! I think fleshtones generally look better on the lower waterline to highlight – unless you are very fair. Personally I use the Sephora Flashy Liner in pink because it’s quite cheap ($8 USD), and easily available here in the States.