Take That, zit! Nexcare 3M Acne Care Spot Patch Treatment Stickers Review

3M (yes 3M – who make stationery) Nexcare Acne Treatment Patches are highly popular in Asia – these little stickers go on top of your spot overnight and dry them out overnight (or so they say!). There are so many variations on this product these days that it’s hard to pick out exactly which are the best!

These treatment patches work best of spots that are filled with pus – they flatten and draw the gunky stuff out. You might have to treat the same spot a few times, depends how bionic your zits are.

If your spot has a head to it that’s ready to pop or a small hole (ie. if you make one yourself with a sterailized pin) it really helps.


Now – I have used these patches before (it was a different type to the one featured today) and it worked a treat. In the morning, the patch had turned white where it had sucked up the excess oil and pus.

But this particular box? Nada. Nothing. Didn’t work at all.

It comes with fat pink tweezers that are about as useful as a vegetarian chef in Gourmet Burger Kitchen.


You get different sizes in the pack and they are clear with a slight tint – not noticeable on the skin really but not at all helpful because you are more likely to forget about it and go to work with these all over your face.


Results seem to vary. Have you dried these? What were your results?

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  1. Julie says

    Never tried them before but they look pretty handy on nights after I come back from my work at the take away/fish and chips where my face is all oily and breaks out like crazy. That is if it works on my skin.

  2. liloo/tsunimee says

    as useful as a vegetarian chef in Gourmet Burger Kitchen. = lol
    someone was hungry when making this review lol xx

  3. Giselle says

    I was using these a few years ago and they actually worked for me. It was from Neutrogena and I’m pretty sure they still make it. But you’re right…I remember unknowingly going to school with these on my face on more than one occassion lol