New Video! Halloween Tutorial, Japanese Horror Film Style

Ok, so we were pressed for time…

Nevertheless I hope you enjoy our Halloween offering. One day, when Megan has a boyfriend…I will make sure I show him all of her clips.

If you ask me, the wig is quite Kim Kardashian?

I remember the first time I saw The Ring, one of those late night films on Channel 4 – scared the living crap out of me. I can’t believed she xxx out of the xxx (censored incase some of you haven’t seen it!).

The Grudge is of course, rather more comical, but it still gives you a permanent fear of little Asian boys in eyeliner.

We must do a favourite horror films list!

My 5 recommendations for you this Halloween: Dark Water (not the American remake), The Ring (not the American remake), One Missed Call (not the American remake), Kairo (not the American remake) and Glitter.

What’s your favourite horror film? And do you like the video!?

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  1. Paris B says

    Row! This was precious! I love all your videos and how cooperative Megan is 😀 what do you bribe her with? 😉

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    Glitter! LOL! xD
    I’m a horror film junkie, even if I’m always disappointed because they don’t scare me… Never heard of Kairo, I’ll check it out. My random list:
    The Shining (King+Kubrick+Nicholson, amazing)
    The Others (ok, this is not really horror, but when the blind old lady open the closet door always freaks me out, doesn’t matter how many time I’ve seen it)
    Profondo rosso (Deep red,Italian horror movie).
    No country for old men (Another one that isn’t really horror but it gave me nightmares. Probably because of Bardem’s bowl haircut).