New Tweezers Alert, Part 1

A reader alerted me to the fact there were some nifty tweezers in a shop called Octopus in the UK. They sell quite quirky goodies in there, and I found the tweezers for £7.50.

Pylones - Boutique cadeaux design _ objets tendances et originaux.jpg

I picked these ones:


They come with a sucker:


These may be cheap but they are very good! I got these because I lost my tweezers and had a damn splinter in my hand which had been there for days. I said to the boyf – I have a splinter and its itching. He says to me, “Just pull it out with your teeth”. Ah – that age old technique of removing splinters with teeth. If only I had the skills.


The tip is slanted and quite narrow. It got the baby hairs and it pulled out my damn splinter without breaking too much skin. I also like the fact you can use the sucker! Could this be the last pair of tweezers I lose?!

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  1. Mable says

    OMG! CUUUTTEE! Can these be ordered online?? The one I’m currently using is the zebra print tweezermans (slant tip) but these are much more superficially attractive! Haha. How do they compare to tweezermans?

    • Row says

      Hey Mable

      Hmm well the shop is Octopus…I have seen these tweezers on actually, try there? I prefer this to tweezerman! The tip is a bit smaller and more precise, they are really great for the price and of course the cute factor!

  2. Elizabeth says

    Ah I feel honoured to be mentioned in print! I’m glad you like them, I have the exact set they do me well. I’m thinking of starting my blog, I had one on livejournal that started round the atypical age of 15 till about 17. Now I’m 20 so less angst I think. What to do!

    • Row says

      Hey Elizabeth

      Start the blog! It doesn’t have to be about anything im particular – I’d read it!

  3. says

    Wait, so #7 is wearing a qipao, but #8 is wearing an ao dai? There should have been one in a kimono.

    My favorites are styles 1 and 3, respectively. #2 looks evil, though.

    • Row says

      Yes, yes pandy – i did stand there for a good 20 minutes reasoning with myself – which one to get? Do I represent myself in the manner of choosing a doll? Or does it not matter?