New Shades! Benefit Ultra Shine Lip Gloss New Launches & Review

Praise the lord, it’s Friday!

I just had to get that out.

Benefit recently launched 7 new ultra shine lip glosses; 4 new shades and 3 returning colours! The line up:


I have a soft spot of lip gloss, ANY lip gloss! The first four shades are right up my alley, as they are nude, beige, soft brown type shades. They are

Nookie Nookie (opal glaze)

Nudie-tude (goldspun twist)

Patootie (oyster pink)

So frisk me (gilded berry)

The three returning shades are:

Life on the A list (bubble gum pink)

Who are you wearing (passion fruit pink)

Kiss you (clear fuchsia)

I have a few of the colours here:


These have a BRUSH applicator as opposed to a sponge one like here – great, I love brush applicators.

I also have a thing for clear plastic applicators – I know it sounds a bit OCD, there’s something about it, a kind of transparency, like I can keep it really clean if it’s clear?!

Here are the three shades I have, 2 nudes and one bright:


Patootie (great name!) is a very light oyster shade. Nookie Nookie is also very light but a warm version of Patootie, wait a slightly peach glow there. Who are you wearing is a blue pink with tons of sparkles!



All of these lip glosses are extremely glossy and look nice on the lips, quite plumping although they do run on the sheer side.

On the lips:


This is the lightest shade – it’s nice although probably the most unforgiving if you have creasy lips.

Nookie Nookie is my favourite, it’s a warmer and more flattering version of Patootie:


Who are you wearing is sheerer than it looks in the tube. It’s got loads of shine and pearl to it, is very wet look and quite easy to wear:



I’ll try and get hold of the other shades to swatch them for you, otherwise I have to say do like these glosses a lot, especially the nudes since this is my ‘turf’ so to speak! It’s a nice range of colours for the start of the new year…muted and wearable.

Ultra Shines are £14 each.

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  1. JenT says

    Ooooooh lovely jubbly!! Reading this just reminded me that I have one of these Benefit lipglosses lying around somewhere…need to have a good hunt for it!

  2. Vvn says

    Nookie Nookie is so pretty, but I wish they’d bring back “I’m with the band” :( it was my favourrriteeeee

  3. Jen says

    Yes I did! Had a good hunt for it after commenting on this post…it turns out it’s “I’m with the band” lol And I forgot how lovely it was! Yay to rediscovering old favourites 😀