New Product: Sleek MakeUP Curious i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette

Roll up, roll up – Sleek MakeUp are launching a NEW limited edition palette on the 5th August called CURIOUS.

Looks like Sleek are running with the i-Divine palette idea and I am glad – for less than £5 you get 12 shades of very soft, pigmented eyeshadows. It’s RIDUNKULOUS!

sleek eyeshadow-1.jpg

Curious is one of my favourites because it has a lot of the key colours I love – deep olive, deep plum, various shades of bright blue, aqua and green as well as the basics (white and black):

sleek palette curious.jpg

Top row swatch:

sleek curious palette.jpg

Bottom row swatch:

sleek eyeshadow curious palette.jpg

You can do it bright or smokey or natural with this palette – its pigmented and an altogether fab selection of shades. Well recommended, although I have 2 tips for you –

1. Sleek LE Palettes sell out fast so I would get to Superdrug on the 5th Aug and it is LE so you may want more than one and

2. Check your palette isn’t cracked before you buy. They are quite soft shadows and there are lots of butter fingered tweens in Superdrug, dropping and fiddling with the displays.

Everyone wins!

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  1. Halifax says

    I was hoping the yellow is a bit more vibrant, as it’s my fav colour. But you’re right, this palette has a good combination of colours. Sleek said they will soon ship internationally. I’m hoping that’d be soon. Thanks for the swatches