New, New Crush Alert

If you live in the UK you need to watch River Cottage because there’s a hot babe in it – no, not Hugh Fearnly Whittenstall. Gill!

Gill is Hugh’s headchef apparently:

My aunt once said, years ago, that she would write in to the show to tell them that her niece “really fancies Gill”, like a parent trying to wrangle the best prize at the raffle for her child.

Gillon Meller, Head Chef, River Cottage HQ

Before joining Hugh to set up River Cottage HQ, Gillon had set up his own catering business with the help of the Princes Trust, providing clients with access to great local and seasonal cookery.

After meeting Hugh, Gill started working on the River Cottage series and simultaneously became involved in the running of the cookery school and the River Cottage HQ. Gill is now Head Chef and leads a team who produce the highest standard of local and seasonal food.

Who wants to go on a cookery course with me?!

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  1. says

    The chef looks cute but to be honest, I’m really just turned on by the food. I hope Gill’s into the kinky stuff like tripe, tongue and tete de veau. I do like his treatment for Chinese Short Ribs, though.