New! Nad’s Nose Wax – Would you try it?

I knew my Nana Candy was made of tougher stock when aged about 12, I watched her tweeze a number of nose hairs from her nostrils with my mother’s best tweezers.  She shook and screamed after each hair, but still she carried on.

I tried it once and it brought tears to my eyes.  I would put it up there with removing hair from having hair removed from the nether regions – not the front bit either, the underneath lady parts.  It stings.  

Enter this clever looking nose wax-potentially painful or maybe not -device from Nad’s. 

Nose Wax Box

The applicator reminds me of those plastic sticks they had at school that you used to apply PVA glue with and they were so rubbish you always ended up smearing it with your fingers instead. 

I imagine the paddle is used to apply the wax, then the ball is inserted into the nostril then pulled out? I’ll be getting one of these in the post so I will do a full review.  I like how it says it can remove blackheads from the surface of the nose! Now that I want to see. 


This Nose Wax Kit retails at £17.99.  Would you try this?

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  1. says

    Owwww tweezing hurts too damn much! I use a nose-hair trimmer like I once saw in my friend’s dad’s bathroom when I was a kid, LOL (I was like, what is that thing?). It makes me feel like an old man in spite of being a 29-year-old woman. I’m actually really looking forward to this review (and I no longer have any shame in my “old age” apparently).