New! Man Friday

Now every Friday will be a Man Friday.  A fine specimen of a man will be celebrated once a week (but I may run out by, oooh week 3).

This week the man is….

Liam Neeson.  No, not this one –

That’s Ralph Fiennes, the pervy one who sleeps with random air hostesses and can’t keep it in his pants.

This is Liam Neeson –

Liam is in an EXCELLENT new film called Taken where he plays an ex CIS dude rescuing his moronic daughter from Albainian sex traffickers. Because that’s what Albainans do, kidnap daughters of American Millionaires and sell them on to other rich men, because its that easy.

Liam has also starred in Batman Begins with that other hot piece, Christian Bale and in Schindlers List, Rob Roy…er that’s all I can think of. But I adore Liam Neeson for his understated style of acting and the fact he’s not a man whore.


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