New Hair Cut Klaxon! JOES Salon Hair Experience with Diego Miranda Review

Let’s just say this last year or so, I can’t even tell you about what hair cuts I’ve had or what I’ve had done; it’s been a real blur.  Like a garden hedge, my hair has been free to grow wild. 

Then a few weeks ago on a rare day trip to London, I visited JOES Salon in Chelsea, London.  It was a dark evening…let’s just say I got a little lost and missed the entrance.  But if you need a guide, here is how it looks in daylight (very cool and understated, but also with a private feel):

Joes Hairdressers

JOES boutique salon is a forward thinking kind of place; their stylists are the cream of the crop (excuse the pun) and combine that experience with a philosophy of giving their customers healthy, beautiful and vibrant haircuts. In other words; you are in very safe hands, and just because these guys work with the trends doesn’t mean you’re going to leave with something you can’t live with at home! 


Joe Mehmet and his creative director, Diego Miranda have had over 20 years of experience working with some of the industry’s most respected photographers and directors.  Joe has worked with publications like Vogue and Tatler, at the Oscars, London Fashion Week and for designers such as Hermes, Gucci and Alexander McQueen.  


Diego, who did my hair, is a top celebrity stylist who has worked with some of the top photographers and stars (Google him to see some of the stars he has looked after!), but they include names like Julia Roberts, Naomi Campbell, Salma Hayek and more. 

I liked the salon interior; it was comfortable without being over the top, slick without being pretentious. They also make a decent cup of strong cappuccino (necessary!). 

Joes Salon London

I had read up a bit about Diego before my haircut just so I knew whether I could say ‘do what you like’ or not – judging by his vast experience, I decided to let him take charge of my hair with one stipulation; it has to be easy to manage because with the little one, I hardly have time to do any styling. 

Here is my before hair.

From the back – urgh, why is it so blocky? 

Joes salon

Please do excuse my face in the next photo – my make up had completely disappeared over the course of the day!

Joes salon 1

So, the hair cut and first – the shampoo. I always talk about this in salons – some places have chairs and sinks that make you feel like you’re about to snap your neck. JOES are comfortable thankfully, and I felt like the wash wasn’t rushed in any way and in control of things – one shampoo or two? (two), conditioner? (yes), on the ends or all over (ends).  It’s nice to be asked!

JOES salon is also the Flagship Salon for a range called Hippy & The Holistics, a range of Keratin assisted products that are designed to smooth coarse and unruly hair.  After my shampoo, the keratin ‘Be Gifted Elixir’ was applied, followed by conditioner, then a rinse with hot water (hot as is bearable) to leave the hair shiny. The idea is that after this process, there’s no need for serums and oils etc. as the hair will be naturally shiny. 

The Cut

Diego was very much in control of the haircut and I actually at no point felt remotely afraid of the outcome or that I wouldn’t like the result – I just knew even if he took my hair much shorter, it would be ok.  

Whilst I couldn’t see exactly what Diego was doing around the back I found watching him quite interesting – I stood up for parts of the cut as he sliced into the hair (not the usual brush up the hair above the head business) and I don’t think I have ever had my hair cut in this way before.  

I asked about this method and was told (quote)The technique Diego used was slicing subtle bangs and cutting triangular seamless layers within the haircut, at difference variances that blend all the textures within the haircut, thus creating more movement within the hair.’

On top of that, I would say the entire haircut felt quite effortless and was done in less than an hour…the cut felt very free flowing, unstructured unlike the usual visit to a salon when you know a hairdresser is just quickly working through chunks of hair to get you out the door again. It felt very tailored to my head. Which is handy.

As you will see in the results, the way my hair was cut DEFINITELY created a very bouncy look, full of movement and body too. 

Joes hairdressers 1

Not many styling products were used, just a mousse to blow dry with, and a wax applied when my head was tipped over (so from the nape of the neck area upwards) which is another interesting little tip I picked up! No serums or gels were necessary which is good as my hair is thinner these days and can’t take too many styling products. 

From the front – the cut framed my face well. I know my eyes are closed…I was trying to be artistic looking downwards but, yes it looks like I am blinking. But check out my hair! 


And finally, here I am with the man himself!  Diego is also very friendly, easy going, relaxed – just how you want a hairdresser to be. 

Diego miranda

It’s been over a month now since my hair cut and it is still going strong regardless of whether I leave it to dry naturally or do a bit of styling to it so I’d throughly recommend a visit to JOES salon!

Prices for a Cut & Blow with Diego begin at £150.  Full price list here.

JOES, 69-71 Sloane Avenue, London, SW3 3DH

Tel. 020 7581 1122

Book your appointment online here.

*I was browsing the Wahanda website earlier and noticed JOES is listed.  As a new customer you can book through them and save 25% on services, check it out here!

*complimentary treatment 

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