New Granny Hobby Alert: Crochet! Cute Baby! Hats!

As if I have time for hobbies; what with looking after Baby H, an army of kitties, work, household chores – who has time to do ‘other stuff’?!

But sometimes that other stuff, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day (in my case!) is a really nice way to relax a little. So my new hobby is – Crochet. I squarely blame this new hobby on Bubblegarm who makes really beautiful blankets, hats and more!  Now I am no where near as good but I am practising and learning!

My obsession is crocheting hats!  Here are some of my first creations:

Crochet Bear Hat

I used a basic beanie pattern then one for the ears and sewed them on. It took a few goes to get the ears on evenly! I also realised that H’s head is pretty big for his age so I had to learn quickly to adjust the sizes accordingly.

I used a Wendy’s Merino Wool for this one.

I also used a basic beanie pattern and did ear flaps with this one and some contrasting bright orange yarn around the edges and some ties:

Crochet Army Hat chicken

I also added some detail to the top – it’s supposed to be a dinosaur!

Chicken crochet hat

Then – because I got into Game of Thrones and Spartacus I made this helmet hat for H – I love this one, it has cute detailing for the ear flaps.

Baby Spartacus hat Crochet army

I also made this for my cousin who is 4 years old:

Girls hat crochet rose flower green pink

Then (dodgy phone pic) this puff stitch hat for my cousin, Megan (who you may remember from You Tube videos) – she is now 12!

Puff stitch hat crochet green

It’s so addictive!

Next up, I am working on some blankets, a granny square one which is taking forever as I only get a few done before I need to go and do something else, and a larks foot space invaders blanket for Mr C. I am hoping to do some tank tops for H as he wears baby gros so much, tanks are useful for keeping him warm without the fuss of sleeves.

In terms of tips – I am no crochet expert, I have only been doing this for a few weeks but I would say;

1. Learn visually if you struggle with patterns

I have always always always always struggled with reading patterns and I have numerous books and magazines I bought then gave up on quickly as I have never been able to comprehend them.

I like two You Tuber’s in particular; Naztazia is the ONLY ONE I COULD FOLLOW to begin with and Crochet Geek after learning the basics.

2. Don’t bother with fancy yarns at first

Buying yarns is SO addictive I tell ya – Deramores are brilliant by the way and the customer service is great.

I went to John Lewis and got my head turned by lots of fancy yarns and blends – but I didn’t have the skill level to handle them. I believe natural yarns can fray more easily and it can be harder for a newcomer to use! The first yarn I bought was a fancy one with silvery threads through it and I struggled to handle it (still haven’t used it yet!).

I like acrylic mix yarns. I obviously have only used a few kinds but I really like the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Yarns as they’re so soft but nice to use.  I noticed King Cole has cheaper massive 100g balls of yarn in different thicknesses and I like the yarns with different colours in them ‘self patterning’.

3. Buy a crochet hook set

I got mine from eBay – a set of 14 for £5 including shipping. I also bought some wooden crochet ones (bamboo) but I am finding them harder to use. Also, I bought some with wider handles that make them easier to grip and they are my favourite now. I read that Bamboo is good for newbies as they have more grip then steel ones so if you want to experiment, eBay has tons of cheap ones you can buy to try!

4. Books?

I have bought a few books and I still find them harder to follow then learning visually although I am getting it more now it just takes longer!  The best kiddy one I found was called Little Crochet (I bought up the other baby crochet books too and I am not as keen). Otherwise, the internet has TONS of free patterns, written and visual, you don’t necessarily need to buy a book IMO.

So if I get a spare 10/15 minutes in the day, this is what I like to do before a certain fussy bum needs me again.

Do you have any little hobbies? Do you like crochet?


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  1. Shari says

    Just too cute! Too cute! I started crocheting a while ago, though I haven’t done anything in about six months at least. I never got past simple things like Granny squares. Never had the confidence. Maybe someday; I’d be happy to be able to do cute hats like you’ve done!

  2. Jen says

    I’m more of a knitter myself, but after seeing your cute creations I’ve been looking into crocheting, and have just been to buy a beginners crochet hook which has a soft grip pad which is supposed to make it easier (let’s hope so, I need everything I can get to make it easy as crochet boggles my mind!)

    Seeing as you’re into your yarns, if you’re ever in my neck of the woods (Warrington) there’s an amazing wool barn that’s like an aladdin’s cave of knitter/hooker heaven…went in today and they’ve even put a cafe in there now!