New Favourite Lash Combo: Max Factor 2000 Calorie and Aqua Lash!

I was going through my make up DVDs (I have about 27!) because I will be a proud owner of the new iPod touch – so I want to get my videos together, ready to add!

Anyway one of the make up artists used two mascaras to create volume and length – and according to her using a waterproof mascara first then a volumizing one on top helps to hold curl. She also used Max Factor so I basically copied!


2000 Calorie has been round forever – my aunt always used it she has done since I was 13! Aqua lash is also one of their long standing mascara’s (although they have loads of newer mascaras with the rubbery brushes).

The brushes are both bristles and the Aqua lash is longer than the 2000 Calorie Brush.


I lurve this combo. It works pretty well on my, on naturally longer lashes with some curl already, this would be super hot. My lashes always need a bit more work than most but even so, I did find that the Aqua lash did quite well with curl, and 2000 Calorie fattened them up…


I don’t personally think that ALL waterproof mascara’s hold curl but this combo does work very well together.

Also I think it was Bobbi Brown who recommended using two mascaras together, one for length and one for volume. Makes sense really!

Do you have any odd mascara combinations?!

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  1. says

    Nice to know this works. I’m too lazy/cheap to open more than one mascara at a time, but I should try it out for those occasions when I want to look perfect, rare as they may be 😛