New Diet Week 1: The Diet Chef Trial

I have tried a few diets in my time, like Herbalife and Dukan – all with minor success because I just lack the discipline to stick to very strict diets.

I’m trialling something new for the next month – Diet Chef! You may have seen the commercials around for this system and it’s also sold on QVC. I started on Thursday.


Diet Chef is a bit like meals on wheels – the company send you all the food you need for a month (for around £190 depending on whether you want a 1200 or 1500 a day diet) and all you mainly eat is that.

You do need to add vegetables, fruit and drinks. They are specific about which fruit and vegetables you can have. Additionally, I noticed there is a shortage most days on the calorie front (coming in at about 900 cals) so you make these up yourself, with say chocolate fingers a bread roll with your soup.

An example meal:


Lasagne is probably the oddest main meal because it’s not frozen it’s just kept at room temperature…weird. I ate this yesterday and it didn’t taste bad, it was a bit soggy though.

So the meal plan goes like this (very simple).


Lots to choose from, I picked granola cereal and porridge in various flavours. I never eat breakfast so this is my 1am snack.


Soup or Shake. I hate these stupid diet shakes so I chose tons of different flavoured soups and so far very tasty but the quantity is about 2 thirds of what you’d normally have from a can.


Once again a HUGE choice. I picked loads of different ones, chicken curry, chasseur, lasagne, chilli, meatballs, cottage pie, stew, coq au vin etc. There are vegetarian options too.

I have had 3 positive meals, 1 I hated (Chicken Chasseur – ew!). They’re all on the watery side so serve it in a bowl next to your veg.

You add your OWN vegetables to the mains – things like green beans, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli (no starchy ones like Potatoes).


Once again tons of choice – I picked flavoured popcorn (love) and oat biscuits – savoury ones. I hate fruit oat bar type things so avoided those.

You can also have 2 pieces of fruit like apple, small banana, small pear, plums, grapes, strawberries etc.



You need to add is enough food to make it up to 1200 calories – confused me at first because because on the first day I had a whole bag of green beans with my mains and my fruit and still had 320 cals to play with.

Quite frankly, this is a good part of the diet as it makes things less restrictive and it’s amazing how much veg you can have with 300 calories! I even treated myself to a chocolate finger (30 cals each).

You can also have some rice or pasta or a bread roll with your soup.

The popcorn snack is my favourite, almost like crisps!


So far so good. I love to eat and I am NOT hungry on this diet. It’s harder if you can’t live without junk food.

If you are big on junk food and high calorie snacks, then try and snack of vegetables or other things like a can of tuna or yoghurt.

You also need to drink your water etc. etc. – I am doing a bit better but I do hate drinking water. I am still drinking fizzy diet drinks and my beloved coffee. Milk allowance per day is 250ml.


Other benefits so far is saving money – I spend about £5-£10 per day on lunch as I like eating out and nice chai lattes! But on this diet there is no wandering about aimlessly buying food.

The customer service is ok – they didn’t reply to my twitter query and on live chat, someone said hello then left me hanging! However if you email their customer service they are very quick and very helpful. Their forums are also useful for information.

Tip: If you have a smart phone download the My Fitness Pal. It will save you, as you can log everything you eat.

Well that’s all there is to say so far really! I have weighed myself and will report back next week on weight loss!

Have you tried diet chef?

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  1. says

    Do you get to choose then? I am so fussy I would be worried I couldn’t eat anything. I guess it could actually save you money as well because you don’t bits and bobs so more money make-up and polish!

    • Row says

      Hi Stacie

      Yes you get to choose. There’s quite a lot. I am finding the soups are really lovely, but the mains are so-so…eek

  2. gemma says

    I haven’t tried diet chef it seems really expensive for one months food and with the fruit and veg cost on top of that I would say it’s unaffordable for most people.

    • Row says

      Hi Gemma

      It’s definitely not cheap but then again I think it depends on how much you spend on your food per month. It works out at something like £6.33 over a 30 day month – I think it’s particularly handy if you are a single person because you don’t have to cook or do too much shopping but not as cheap if you are a multi person household because you’ll still need to do the supermarket shop for them. In my case there’s more than me in my household but I spend £5-£10 per day anyway on lunch and coffee so this works out as good value for me since it includes snacks, dinner and breakfast.

  3. Jen says

    It’s interesting to read about this sort of diet, seems to be becoming more popular. I like how there’s quite a lot of choice in terms of flavours and how you can add your own veg and stuff. Do they send you a whole month’s worth of food all at once though? I don’t think I’d have enough room in my kitchen lol

  4. says

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