New Category Alert: Preview Haul and Product Arrivals!

As I was sipping into my Chai Tea yesterday, it occurred to me that I needed a way of showing you guys my newest hauls and cool arrivals right away, well before I get round to doing a review.

You see, I am a little bit swamped these days, on the blog front and on the home/work front.

So sometimes I’ll get something that I’m totally dying to show you but it might be weeks or even months (no joke) before I get to show it to you because it needs to go into the ‘production line’ – arrive, get sorted, get photographed, be tested, wait for it’s turn to be posted etc.


So I’ve decided to do preview posts – a simple snap of a product that’s arrived, and this way, you can take a look at whats coming up on the blog and I get show you all the stuff I’m currently trying or am excited about!

What do you think? Good idea?

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