New Camera

As a budding photographer, I have my fair share of giagantic bodies and lenses, but what I really like, is a good quality little digital. Last Christmas I bought Samsung i6, because it was well priced at £129, and used SD card, and had a good amount of pixels.

One year on I really wish I invested in a better machine; a good old Canon or Nikon. The lens on the Samsung is fine for day to day snaps, but the grain is noticable and it gets the hues wrong, or overly red most of the time (you can manually adjust this a little, but there are times when adding huge amounts of blue and green do not help). And also – the Samsung will not automatically rotate images! Sounds like a small thing but I am spoilt I suppose with my Nikon SLR’s.

So today my new digital arrived, a Nikon (I’m a Nikon girl thorough and through) S15c. It has 8 megapixels (Pixels is not that important to me – you can get Casions for £99 that have 12 Megapixels – it means nothing if your lens is rubbish), and a good quality lens, a nice 3 inch screen and most of all – a WI FI capability. Ie – no wires!!! I must be super lazy but I hate plugging in and carrying round a USB cord. The WiFi for me will make it a million times easier to upload pictures and I can no longer excuse my lack of accompanying photography.

I bought it for £190 from Simply Gadgets, in Silver. I bought a case for in from Ebay in Pink Leather, a screen protector & mini tripod in a bundle (£7 for the tripod and £6 for the screen protector – a waste of money really because protectors are about 99p from Ebay and the tripod is FLIMSY, but I wanted to put a protector on the screen the second I opened it. I did this with my ipod too – and it still scratched in the first week. Oh and I totally damaged my MAC but sticking protective gear on it – but thats a different story!)

I am digressing…but you get my drift. I love my new camera!

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