New Blog Layout: Your View!

Jump for joy!

Hover cat.jpg

As you can see there’s a new look to Cosmetic Candy – its been a long time coming! We are still tweaking and adding things so the site is not 100% ready but its getting there.

If you have any feedback I’d love to hear it…

Is something not working?

Anything you think I’ve missed?

Anything you don’t understand?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. liloo says

    Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to Mr C. The blog looks absolutely gorgeous. From reading your blogpost about the changes, I was a bit nervous that too many changes would be brought to it and that the blog would lose its identity but the result is just awesome. I hate to use that word but I find the website so sleek, so cool, so polished. The ads are nice and tidy in their own little corner and somehow I find the website to load so much quicker. There has been a lot of changes here, and even the logo picture and the actual logo words, but yet it still feels home. The cute cats, the colour theme, the font (hobo?) have remained. Love the box with recent comments/ popular posts and so on, very neat, with underneath, delicately watermarked the old background picture that we recognise. I love the banner which alternates at random some popular sections of the website but I find that the transition between one slide to the other is a little bit quick. Not a problem at all, and I love this new handy addition but I was wondering whether the animation between slide could be softer. The retweet button works like a charm and I have not found anything that bugs and everything is perfect. I did not even have to click on that compatibility between browsers button. The only thing I would say which bugs a little bit on my screen (which is not a problem) is the presence of a horizotal scroll bar, which goes on for 13/ more. All the text is contained where it is supposed to be and I dont have to use the horizontal scroll bar to see the text, which is why i dont know why it appears really. 10 billion starts for the revamp, (omg how cute is that ‘gallery banner’ too).
    Gorgeous, sleek, detoxed somehow, fresh, but yet the same blog that we are fond of.
    thank you for doing that for us. yay x

  2. Phi says

    I like it! The article box-y thingy(? :P) overlaps a little onto the banner on me but it’s no biggy coz I’m just being a bit sneaky and use adblock :)

  3. Ilse says

    Hi! I’ve never commented before, but i’ve been following you for a while on Bloglovin. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love the new layout! The cats are adorable 😀 Keep up the great work!

  4. tigerslovepepper says

    As I’ve already said, I like the new layout (thank you Mr Candy), but I just realised that I miss the old heading “won’t make you fat”. xD