Nescafe Green Blend Coffee tastes like all kinds of awful

Beep Beep – do excuse me for this non make up related post but I feel like this is a public health warning.

I stumbled across this nice looking jar of coffee last week, called Nescafe Green Blend. The idea of this instant coffee is that its full of Antioxidants and is a mixture of green and roasted coffees.

Healthy coffee? Sounds good to me. I am a coffee fiend, I love the stuff.


First the aroma…smells mild. It looks very mild. I like mild coffee, so this is fine.

Then you take a few gulps and….its tastes like dishwater. There’s no hint of a coffee like flavour. It tastes of nothing, just sort of…dirt.

It. is. disgusting.

It is the MOST disgusting thing I have ever had in my mouth (no jokes, please).

I mean, I’m Chinese and I will finish food and drinks that been given to me no matter what – but I could NOT finish this. I have tried three times (with different quantities to experiment) and I couldn’t do more than three mouthfuls.

I emailed Nescafe (just want my money back, I feel cheated) and they were all like:
“When this product was created samples were tested and consumer research carried out. The positive response we had gave us the confidence to proceed with the distribution and sales.

There are differences in taste within the range of NESCAFÉ products resulting from variations in blend and roasting. NESCAFÉ Green Blend is made like regular instant coffee except that we are using some unroasted green coffee beans ( 35%) as well. This results in a subtly different taste to similar coffee where all the coffee beans have been roasted.

We always try to maintain the highest possible standards for our products and therefore we are very sorry that you dislike this product.

Thank you once again for taking the trouble to contact us. I hope this reply answers your questions and that you enjoy our products in the future.”

Sorry, WHO tested this? Was it a bunch of tea drinkers? Was a group of cats? Was it Amy Winehouse?


Anyway I want my money back, what happened to the – “If you aren’t happy with this product return it for a refund” policy? No mention.

But then again they’re probably still busy dealing with the customers who are returning their coffees that possibly have shards of glass in them.

Actually, what I wanted to ask is if anyone else has tried it and what they thought? Do I have a faulty jar?!

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  1. says

    Damn that just sounds awefull.
    I dont have the product, because my hubs recently stopped quiting coffe for his health.

    and….instant coffee is the worst kind of coffe for your health, you can better drink the one you make with a coffemachine, because if you use filters, you filter out all kinds of tbad stuff that stays in instant…just saying.. :)

    • Row says

      Hi Jasmine

      Yeah coffee isn’t ideal 😀 I actually have cut down from 6 cups to 2 these days!

  2. tigerslovepepper says

    Amy Winehouse… LOL! 😀
    Just Italian espresso or moka for me, no istant coffee at all, sorry I can’t help. xD

    • Row says

      Hi Tigers

      Ahhh you like the good stuff, my lady! We have a Nespresso machine but sometimes its quite rich for me I just want something quick and mild!

  3. baby in a corner says

    do you like regular instant? My dad likes instant but hates nestle instant anyway. i find there is quite a difference between filter and instant and rarely drink instant. this whole concept is weird alright.

    • Row says


      I like regular instant! I’m not that fussy I am really really easy honestly but this is gross!

  4. says

    I’m not a coffee drinker, however, I imagine that coffee made from un-roasted coffee beans tastes like crap. That’s why they roast the beans, right? To make it not taste like crap? SO coffee made with some un-roasted coffee beans is going to be crappy, no matter how *green* it may or may not be.

    But what do I know, I don’t even drink coffee. :p They should give you your monies back regardless.

    • Row says

      Hi Lenna

      Gawd now we know why they roast!!!!!! Horrible. They won’t refund me! What a pile of pants!

  5. suz says

    our office has a kitchen stocked full of tea bags and instant coffee and this was one of them… i was curious too and decided to give it a try.. it was DISGUSTING! had a couple sips and had to leave it. next day i brought in my jar of kenco :) so you’re definitely not the only one!

    • Row says

      Hi Suz

      GOOD! I needed to know I wasn’t going mad. I mean its truly the most horrible thing i’ve had for a while!

  6. P says

    I really like this coffee, the taste is only slightly different from other coffee imo. And I find it smoother in mouth.

  7. Jon says

    I bought this thinking it was a premium variety of coffee. It is just disgusting and I have written to Nescafe also so will see if I get the same lame response others have received. It is NOT Coffee!!!

  8. jo swash says

    Have you guys tried Clipper Green Tea, it’s good for and tastes delicious…yumm. Give it a go!

  9. Palko says

    Loose leaf tea impractical? How lazy has society become? Try a one cup dispenser. Ideal as you can put a small amount of leaves in it and let it draw as tea should.

    Back to Green blend coffee. Not bad. Doesn’t seem to give ‘that’ coffee hit. But then it doesn’t go ‘through me’ like most coffees.

    • Row says

      Well I certainly don’t have time in my work day to be using loose leaf tea nor am I near a sink to dispense it…in the leisure of your own home, of course, it’s not so difficult.

  10. Pris says

    Well I, on the other hand, loved it! I just regret I didn’t buy more jars before I came back to my country…

  11. says

    I loved it, maybe it’s different for each person’s pallate becasue I’ve been to most of the top 20 cafes in Melbourne and this may be the closest for me while I’m on a budget.
    My barista friends were surprised about the taste too. Yum!

    • Row says

      Hi Julie

      Of course, something like coffee is highly individual. I just couldn’t stomach this stuff which is a shame as I’d love a healthy coffee