Neem & Indian Hair Care Products

I bought some Indian hair products off ebay – lots of Indian women have natural, gorgeous healthy hair right? I bought a selection of oils for my sensitive scalp.

Light hair oil:

I’m disappointed that this is not a spray but I can easily transfer the product to a spray bottle (well no really because I can’t seem to get the protective cap off – tried kitchen knife, everything).

Anyway this smells lovely and refreshing – ingredients are minteral oils, sesame oils, rosemary oil and lemon oil. I wouldn’t say that its a completely no oil look – use sparingly but it seems to be a nice product. I wouldn’t recommended it for limp or fine hair.

This is Shikakai Herbal Hair Oil:

Its a oil formula for a clean and fresh scalp. Its a brown coloured liquid. Ingredients include Shijaji, Aloe Vera, Amila, Brami, Maka, Neem, Methi, Coconut oil.

The thing is – this smells STRONG. STRONG. It reminds my unsophisticated nose a lot of turmeric and cumin. It does remind me of a spicy curry – sorry sorry, it does. For that reason I wouldn’t use this if I was leaving the flat for anything – I used a bit on my head today and I can still smell it on my fingers now.

Neem Powder is good or oily, flaky scalps. I have high hopes for this because its pure neem powder (or so it says on the ingredients).


Mix powder with water untill it becomes a paste.

Apply and leave for 10 mins – rinse!

I haven’t tried it yet but I am looking forward to giving it a go – I shall report back later!

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