Ne Nor Ne Nor: Fake Benefit Make Up on eBay

Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention recently, whilst browsing eBay that there appears to be an influx of Benefit Cosmetics – fakes to be exact, cluttering up my screen.

eBay has cleaned up a lot, in regards to fakes over the years. When I first joined, it was easy peasy to buy a Bucci Handbag or Abbibas trainers.

These days, due to eBay’s strict Vero policies, obvious fakes do not last too long. Supposedly.

I used to report these fake palettes but I don’t have time. A quick search for Nars Palettes shows up these beauties:

fake nars.jpg

Nars does not make palettes in this long, curved shape. Note that Nars shadows are either the solos (rectangular), duos, the large palettes where shadows are combined with lip and blush products and there are the square sized special edition palettes too.

Also fake:

fake nars-1.jpg

Bleh. Do you think Nars would make eyeshadow with a plastic cut window and supply a hideous sponge applicator?

eBay and Nars, sort it out because it wholly unfair that an unsuspecting person should end up with this crap.

Anyway, back to Benefit….I have been trying to find Benefit’s Powderflage for cheap but I am highly suspicious of the ones on ebay listed at £9.50 + £1.50 shipping. Brand New and Boxed? The discount almost seems to big.

When I emailed one of these sellers asking if it was genuine, she didn’t reply, surprise surprise!

Now – there are some sellers who obtain Benefit from warehouses and the product is genuine (but not necessarily legal), but I have also seen some amazing factory dupes – HARD to spot the difference unless you have the real thing and the fake in hand.

To me buying fake make up is completely, utterly pointless. Make up isn’t pranced about in public, its something you use in private, on your face every day, so getting something that comes in the same packaging but is a different formula is a waste of time.

fake its & fix its _ BenefitCosmetics.jpg

Also, the ingredients in fake products cannot be verified.

I would suggest – unless you can be positive you are buying from a reputable seller on eBay I would avoid buying Benefit from there for now. Some brands are much easier (I find) to verify for authenticity (I buy Guerlain and YSL with no problems from eBay). The Benefit stuff is problematic because its so hard to spot the difference between the real and the fakes.

Unfortunately I don’t see the point of spending £11 on a possibly fake Powderflage – may as well pay an extra £8.50 in Boots and know for a fact its the real thing.

You can buy real, slightly discounted Benefit from: and

Or just get it from Boots and get the points!

I am writing an eBay shopping guide as we speak! Come back tomorrow to read it!

Let me know if you have had any other fake cosmetic experiences!

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  1. says

    Oh my God I am again the first one to comment … Ehm ehm do we have some faithful stalker reader award? I must say ebay is a kingdom for me where I can get lost easily , I even saw a chanel nypmhea 6 ombres palette and thought it was real. Silly me. Thank God pakistan doesn’t have paypal facility *shocker for me as I keep missing these amazziing blog sales* .

  2. says

    Thanks for the pics! I’M not familiar with NARS packaging, so if I were to buy one, I’d definitely get cheated.
    I did buy from ebay a fake! It was a MAC eyeshadow palette. I was new to the brand, so I thought it must had been an old palette. Little did I know they didn’t make 12 color palettes LOL But, anyway, it was a good deal price wise, and am happy with it as the colors are great, with niiiiiice color payoff, their staying power is excellent too. The texture is buttery/powdery and it caused no irritation, whatsoever, and I didn’t get blind either.
    The case is very good quality, actually better to touch than many real high-end brands, and sturdier too!

    My only problem is…after I was informed it was a fake, I couldn’t feel the same way toward the palette anymore. I have this “mommy feeling toward the little MAC-wannabe” that I don’t know what to do with. It’s different from how I feel for my real MAC stuffs =.=

    • Row says

      Hi Mary

      I remember when ebay was just full of mac fakes! Mac packaging is so standard anyway if it looks odd then its probably a fake unless its a LE palette!

  3. says

    I’m very careful about my ebay purchases (when I used to shop on ebay) but to think that they even want to fake Benefit is mind boggling. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. chocolate cosmos says

    Ooh, good thing I read this…I just started buying from Ebay, so I am really looking forward to your guide :)

  5. says

    yeah i also saw fake mac, benefit and YSL Mascaras!!!!! packaging looks kinda funny so i guess most experiences buys can tell right away.

  6. Miss A says

    Beware, yet another seller with fake Benefit on ebay:


    I got a fake Benefit Smoky Eyes Kit from them.

    The leaflet inside (with all the different languages) was hilarious; the number of weird misspellings and odd words in the English section.
    I laughed my head off when reading it.
    I’ll post a scan photo of it in later for your amusement.

    The makeup had sweat beads on it. And the mirror inside box was really grimy.

    But am furious that they have the cheek to sell something so fake!

    • Amy says

      I think I’ve done the same thing too! I only just bought a Smokin’ eyes palette from: benefit4you2010
      and the Wax and Eye Bright were the wrong way round and had sweat beads too. I noticed that the paper on the bottom half of the palette was wrapped on sideways instead of vertical (of all the pictures I’ve seen of this palette, NONE of them has ever had the paper pattern going the other way!)
      I also had that leaflet with the ridiculus english and some parts were just copy-and-pasted off their website (it said “click the link below” on the leaflet!)
      Also the packaging was messy and quite poor, and I had the same grimy mirror problem! I knew Benefit would never be so shoddy on their packaging or on the quality of their products.
      What did you do about it afterwards? Did you send it back, or report them? Did they make you pay postage back?

      • Row says

        I would:

        1. contact the seller and tell them that you think the item is fake and you want the money back
        2. If they say no its not, tell them you know it is because you have compared it to the real thing
        3. If they still won’t refund, open a payment dispute through eBay and list the reason as it being a fake
        4. They will refund you or if they dispute it, if you can provide photos etc. Paypal will still refund you

        Then – report the fake item to eBay Trust Department (because we don’t want other people falling for it!)

        – Leave the seller negative feedback and let other people know it’s a fake

        – Don’t worry about sending it back – its a FAKE after all don’t let them take any more money from you

        • Amy says

          I mailed them back and they still said it wasn’t fake, but if I had a problem I could send it back to them at my own expense and they would refund me.
          I contacted Ebay about it anyway, and they said they’ll get back to me in a couple of days – this was so that the seller would be stopped! They are selling a LOT of Benefit stuff, and the sale for Smokin’ Eyes that I bought is still going on!

          If Ebay don’t do anything, I’ll send it back and ask for the refund. I don’t think it’s fair to make me pay to send back an item that wasn’t what I asked for anyway! I feel bad for the other people who may be buying things from this seller as we speak, because the fake I received looked VERY close to the original. If it wasn’t for the substandard packaging and the messed up leaflet, I may be putting dangerous chemicals on my face right now!

          • Row says

            Hi Amy

            Tell them you have been to a counter and verfied it is a fake. And there is NO WAY you are paying to return an item to them.

            Next – open a dispute. Go to the resolution centre and open the complaint, choose “Item as not described” – and ‘item is counterfeit”

            Don’t engage with tittle tattle with the seller, just don’t.

            Just say to them the item is a fake. If you want it back you can Paypal me the money for recorded shipping and I will send it back (recorded shipping only). However I know the item is a fake so I want my money back asap. Either way negative feedback will be left and trust and safety will be contacted.

            There are so many shifty sellers on eBay selling Benefit – and the copies are so damn good! Quite clearly anyone who can sell a product that retails for £25 at £5 is not selling the real thing!

        • Tropical says

          I actaully ordered two fake Benefit products from two different sellers on the same day. So this is what I did for each:

          1) After a number of emails, I got really angry at the seller so just left a negative feedback telling everyone that the palette was fake. In the end, the seller still didn’t admit the product was fake, but offered to give me a refund if I changed my feedback.

          2) Told the seller I went to the local department store to verify that the product was fake, and that I’m 100% sure it’s not genuine. After a number of emails, they offered me a refund in exchange for a positive feedback.

          You shouldn’t have to send it back and spend your money on this. They’re the ones who are selling fake products. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to settle.

          • Row says

            Hi Tropical

            VERY important to emphasize:


            You will STILL be able to claim all of your money back, 100% without changing feedback for the seller.

            Think about it – if you change your feedback from negative to positive, other people are going to see their feedback and buy from them based on this. The feedback system from eBay was SPECIFICALLY changed so that buyers could give their true opinion.

            Therefore if you get a fake:

            1. Never ever ever ever feel the need to change your feedback from negative to positive, ever. You don’t need to and it defeats the point of feedback

            2. Use the dispute system to claim for your money back via paypal

            3. Report the seller to the Trust Department

            – End of. They are in the wrong, and what they are doing is illegal. Don’t ever give them another penny, don’t change your feedback, if they harrass you with emails, you can also report this and they will be suspended.

        • Amy says

          I opened a dispute and they still say to send the item back to them (at my own expense) for a refund.
          I did report it to Ebay as well. Nothing seems to have come of that though.

          Looks like I’ll just have to send it back with my own money.

          Definitely giving negative feedback!!!

          • Row says

            Hi Amy

            Its still wrong that they are making you pay to send it back (maybe they want to resell it!)

            If it was me I would tell them to stuff themselves and carry on with the claim. They should be paying for you to return it

        • Amy says

          I ended up sending it back with my own money anyway. It does seem wrong that the buyer has to dish for the postage, but acctually, it’s in Ebay’s rules too.
          Even if it wasn’t the buyers fault, they have to pay for postage to send it back D: (I don’t know why Ebay made such a stupid policy!)
          Oh well, what’s done is done.

  7. Emma says

    Just bought a fake benefit lemon lip balm looks lovely but back of packaging is in terrible English . Durr. Honestly never occurred to me, just thought recession so excess stick. Now thinking my other benefit deals are fakes. Don’t care as makeup seems fine except wonder if chemicals are ok / tested for humans.
    Won’t buy again though

    • Row says

      Hi Emma

      Oh no! Can you claim for your money back? I didnt know benefit did a lemon lip balm!

      To be honest I bought some Benefit too online and I am truly stuck – I don’t know if they are quthentic or not. They look like amazingly good dupes if they are.

  8. danielle says


    I just bought a fake BENEFIT HOOLA ON EBAY FOR £8, My fault i suppose.seemed to good to be true.


  9. Stephanie says

    I have purchased items from Strawberrynet before. Are they really authentic though? Why I ask is because for my 2nd batch, I bought a Benefit slant powder brush. I opened it and am trying it out but have not officially used it yet. It’s been less than 3 days and the brush is shedding like mad. Am very disappointed. So I was wondering if the brush is a fake. But their other stuff seems ok. I also bought Mr Frosty, it’s quite alright.

  10. says

    I bought a Benefit Dandelion powder on Ebay for a ridiculously discounted price and surprisingly enough when it arrived, it’s a fake. A reasonable copy but not the genuine article. Having said this, it’s actually rather nice, sparklier than the genuine thing. I’ll be heading into Boots to buy a bona fide product and will learn from my mistake but I’ll carry on using my nice, sparkly fake happy in the knowledge that I’ve accidentally bought something nice.

    • Row says

      Hi Vik!

      I know what you mean – this HAS actually happened to me before where I bought a fake and it was actually quite nice! the only thing is though, we’ll never know what they put in it!

  11. Gemma says

    i just bought boi-ing from ebay, does anyone know how to tell if it’s real?


  12. Lucy says

    Hi, I bought a Benefit ‘mini fake it’ set on ebay. It was fake; the products were horrible and on the booklet it said ‘realmess of concealness’

    The lip plum was the wrong shade and texture, such a waste of money. My advice is never buy cosmetics on ebay, just pay extra for the real deal at a reputable store. I wouldn’t put any of these products on my face.

  13. Tropical says

    I just bought two Benefit palettes from ebay. I’m 100% they’re both fake… but the sellers won’t acknowledge it. If I want a refund, I’d have to send the products back, and there’s no way am I paying the shipping fee. I’m pretty angry right now, and I’m at a loss as to what I should do. Any suggestions?

  14. tahira says

    hi there ppl, looking for sum advice, i just received my benefit moon beam today bought from ebay at auction 5.80 but when i read the back of the bottle there was loads of spelling mistakes also the bottle has sharp edges, i compared this today boots and its seems different wat shud i do?

    • Row says

      Hi Tahira

      If I were you I would get in touch with the seller and tell them you believe it’s fake. Say you want a refund for the item and see how it goes there – sounds to me like it IS a fake and it is wrong of the seller to sell it to you!

  15. Nicola says

    I have just bought FAKE Benefit off two sellers on ebay! These are thecosmeticsboutique10 AND lookfantastic2 which surprises me because lookfantastic2 has a website as well and they are selling fake Benefit. They do all their Benefit listings on eBay as private listings so that when you leave them negative feedback they claim you didn’t buy Benefit off them and that you’ve got the wrong seller! Because others can’t see what you’ve bought!

    The instructions inside my Realness of Concealness called the set REALMESS of concealness instead! Says it all really. Don’t buy from these sellers. Fake make up can be dangerous as you have no way of knowing what you are putting on the delicate skin on your face! Please please don’t be tempted to save money and buy fakes…it’s not worth it.

    Remember, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is! I recommend going into a Benefit counter to compare as soon as you receive your item(s).

    Look out for:
    1 Spelling mistakes
    2 With powder blushers they should not move in the box when you shake it from side to side
    3 If there is a ‘peel here’ label on the back most fakes will not peel as they are just glued down.

    Hope this saves someone from making the same mistakes i did.

    • Row says

      Hi Nicola

      Good tips there. You CAN claim your money back, please do go through the ebay dispute system I promise you, you will get your money back and then leave negative feedback so others learn.

      I now avoid ALL benefit on eBay unless it comes from the few trusted sellers and even then, the price is never ridiculously low, maybe about 30% off retail not say, 70%

  16. Nicola says

    Hi Row,

    Thanks, I managed to get a full refund plus my postage costs to send the items back refunded and i still left negative feedback to warn others. The seller wasn’t happy but they shouldn’t sell fakes! They deserve negative feedback.

  17. Pam says

    Hi. I normally don’t post but I want to thank everyone around the Net and youtube too who have gone through all the hassle of educating us on how to spot fake cosmetics. I too just purchased a fake Benefit item off ebay. I was lucky in that when I messaged the seller about this, he was very cooperative and wanted to know how I could tell it was fake and that he was led to believe it was authentic. Whether he is telling the truth or not, who knows, but he refunded my Paypal money right away. Ebay seller ID is discountplus999, a US seller. Good luck everyone and be careful out there 😉

  18. Pam says

    Oooh, I forgot to mention what product I purchased … it was Benefit Dr. Feelgood. It’s really gross and obviously fake, from very poor packaging to the actual product, not a very good copy IMO. The insert was pretty funny too with all the foreign languages on it 😉 Pam

  19. Rachel says

    So how can we spot a fake? I don’t buy make up online, but my sister recently bought Benefit’s new Porefessional from … somewhere on the interwebs. I’m not convinced she should be putting it on her face. It looks real enough, except, it’s got the product info with every language they could fit on the sheet, and the box itself has English & … and unidentified language on it. Given that Benefit has an entire UK site, I would imagine they only print English on the products. Or am I wrong?

    • Row says

      on ebay – unfortunately, there’s no way to tell until you get it. Basically you could get something totally different to what you see in the listing :( use a seller with LOTS Of positive feedback and will guarantee you it i s the real thing!

  20. Pam C says

    I have only ever bought Benefit from Boots stores so mine are all genuine (I found this blog when looking for Benefit tutorials on the net). I can confirm that there are several languages on some of the leaflets that accompany the products here in the UK but I have never seen any spelling mistakes in the English part of the leaflet. I am always suspicious of excessively cheap ‘bargains’ in cosmetics on Ebay (or anywhere else that is not a leading store) and would not recommend buying them. You have no idea what chemicals they contain or what damage they could cause on your skin. Genuine Benefit products last ages so in effect they are value for money at full price. Buy in store where you can try – the girls are eager to make you up – take up special offers, use loyalty cards to offset costs where possible, eg Boots were offering 10 points instead of 4 per £1 on a £15 sale recently and they often have a 500 point bonus on 2 products. I have always found the Benefit girls will allow you to use that as well as a double points coupon or a 200 extra points coupon from the points machine on the same transaction. I even got a free Benefit lip gloss recently – my choice from a range of colours – when I bought 2 products AND I got the extra points as well….which I save to use on more Benefit!

  21. Louise Powell says

    My friend recently bought me the benefit one hot minute face powder from ebay for £8.99 with free p&p.
    The packaging appeared to be the real thing, as I had bought the real benefit one hot minute previously, so could compare the two.
    However when I opened the container the powder looked a different colour, and smelt really strong of perfume. I used the powder, and had an allergic reaction. My eyes couldn’t stop running, they were red and stinging all night.
    I just want more people to be aware of the fake products on ebay.

  22. Senem says

    Hi everyone,
    on ebay shannonalbert30 sells %100 FAKE BENEFIT make up products, she is so sassy, i send back her item and i open dispute but she says ,i dont receive your refund
    very big liar and deceiver,everybody must learn you Shannon, i will write your skill on internet
    Before she sells authentic different brands, she trust herself old feedback however she start selling fake items
    do not buy from her never

  23. Sophie says

    Just thought i’d let you know not to go near ebay for benefit or other high end makeup as i found a website showing all the fakes! i’ve learnt my lesson! luckily all but one georgia fake blusher has been genuine but probably only by luck and good knowledge of the originals! – the site that sells fake mac and benefit and even state they are fake and that they manufacture them but they are good as! honestly, the amount of money they make from doing this and the amount the people who sell them on is ridiculous!!!

  24. says

    I bought a Benefit Boi-ing concealer which was 100% FAKE (confirmed at Benefit counter) from, they said to return it to France recorded delivery which cost me £5.56 and they will send it to Benefit to be tested and then refund my money. This was 6 weeks ago, they are ignoring my emails now, I have had no refund of the item or return postage which they promised and no product!!!
    I have had to contact the European Consumer Advice about this and is definately the worst buying experience I have ever had online.
    I am £18 out of pocket and still furious about the service they give (or do not give, should I say)

    Read Guest’s full review and ratings (122 words)

  25. says


    Great post!

    I have been thinking the same thing! I had a spear £8.99 so I chanced it and ordered the Powderflage just to see what would come and I plan to write a blog about it after I email the seller with a query on the product so I can include the response or lack the of on the blog post.

    But I truly think it’s safe to say if it seems too good to be true it is!!! I agree just go to Boots and stock up on points!!


  26. Fiona Dunn says

    Oh dear, if only I had read your blog before I shelled out a mere £8.50 for the Benefit Hoola from a seller on ebay! I stupidly thought I was gaining a whopper of a bargain but when the item came the brush was a tacky plastic number (not the nice, quality wooden one that I got before when buying from House of Fraser) and the shade was a heck of a lot more orange than my other too! Not happy, however the seller did offer a refund when I queried this (out of guilt maybe?) so I am now taking that refund and shelling out the extra! xx

  27. says

    Bought benefit hoola from uk ebay seller, noticed it was fake, had this confirmed by benefit counter @ boots & seller refunded money minus postage, where it stated ‘you have paid for this item’ it now stated ‘payment refunded’ its been a few days & i asked seller for self addressed packing so i dont have to lay out more £s but next time i looked in my ebay the item is showing as if i bought it the other day & saying its ‘awaiting payment’ again?! Any suggestions on how to deal with this person?

  28. Danie says

    Just recieved a benefit fake in the post! Got too tempted by low price. Cant believe they can list them as benefit its just awful. I bought Hoola from blissful-77 and luckily have my old one knocking around to compare. The “peel” label at the back just tore right off – FAKE! packaging is very very poor, the blusher case does not fit the box properly and the brush is made of plastic when generally they are painted wood. Annoyed but at least I didnt pay much – would cost more to send it back to buyer! Plan on leaving negative feedback though. Dont think I can send it back as the label at the bottom is damaged since it ripped so no longer in “prime” condition for seller to re list.

    big no no. Don’t buy here!
    Nice to know I’m not the only one and plan on buying a little more carefully on eBay. I’m not putting this stuff on my face!


  29. says

    Just realised the fake benefit seller i bought from is not in uk, anyway, now she says…”i dont know why refunded items always show as ‘awaiting payment’ again but rest assured the case has been closed by ebay.”… Does anyone know if this is correct please? Also i’m glad they didnt want item back, i dont think you should return fake items to let them sell again, fake ingredients can be really harmful, you should report them because the seller i bought from still has 99.something% positive feedback despite having alot of comments about fakes, one of her reviewers gives her ok feedback & even says “dont think item’s genuine but looks ok thanks” !!! These sellers are getting away with it easily, only having to refund item (but still earning a bit on postage) it seems they rarely get found out or given bad feedback, so its still well worth their while.

  30. Nicola says

    @ Mrs Roots,

    A lot of sellers don’t realise they have to ‘cancel’ a transaction for it to disappear out of their ‘awaiting payment’ and your ‘awaiting payment’ in ebay. They need to go to resolution centre which can be found by just hovering your mouse over the ‘account’ tab next to ‘messages’ tab at the top of the summary page.

    They then need to ‘cancel a transaction’ which will then send the buyer (you) an email to agree to cancel the sale. Then you don’t get an unpaid item strike and the seller gets their final value fees back and the transaction will be ended.

    I left a few posts on here a while back about fake Benefit and how it is dangerous and you should ALWAYS leave the seller negative to warn other buyers. These sellers need to be taken off ebay! Always report their items as well as ebay should remover them all especially if enough people report them. There is a ‘report this item’ link in each listing (even after it’s ended) on the right hand side.

    @Danie, you should definitely still send it back via 2nd class RECORDED sevice as a tracking number is all you need to prove to PayPal you’ve sent it back and get a FULL REFUND minus your return costs but you get your original postage costs back that way! It doesn’t matter if the label is ripped, it was not as described in the first place and if it had of been as described (original) the label would not have ripped it would have peeled back! Hopefully then they can’t sell this to anyone else as well then!

    Make sure you start a dispute in ebay and PayPal as they more opened case a seller gets against them the lower their seller performance is in ebay which may result in limited listing or account suspension.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    Kind Regards, Nicola

  31. says

    Many thanks for that information Nicola, its been weeks though, pray it’s not too late to avoid what would be a totally unjust non payment strike, all the best to you & more power to all honest ebayers!

  32. says

    Hello again, this is getting long! My pc is now broken so i’m in librarys/ internet cafes everyday trying to sort this out, not good as a full time carer. The seller has now told me “there’s no possible way i can get a failure to pay strike unless a case was started against me” which she assures me she “obviously would never do” & says the case was closed via appropriate ebay channels. On a pc the item’s showing as if the case is closed but on my mobile its still in my won items list with a later ‘auction ended’ date saying its ‘awaiting payment’. I believe her but i’m confused & it’s all spoiling ebay for me! Thanks in advance for any good advice

  33. says

    I think it is awful buying makeup of ebay as 99% of the time it is fake anyway :(
    I have been a victim of this before with a smasbox mascara! One way to check is go on the website where they sell the product and goo back to ebay and check it out and ask the seller as many questions as possible! I do sell some on ebay from time to time but I know if its real or not and I WOULDN’T dream of having fakes in my house! Could be full of dangerous chemicals! and i love nars and that is a shocking attempt to forge the real thing! x

  34. says

    Wish I’d seen this blog post before I bought two Benefit products on eBay! I have just received a Benetint and a Dr Feelgood. The Benetint seems genuine, but I’m pretty sure the Dr Feelgood is fake :-( It’s been a while since I last used it so maybe the formulation has changed, but I remember the product gliding onto the skin and making it feel very soft and silky with a matte look. I also distinctly remember the lovely fresh scent. The tin of the one I have just received may actually be genuine but the product inside is very greasy, doesn’t smell of anything and the box is also a bit flimsy. Will go to a store and check the real thing just to make sure but I have already asked the seller to confirm the authenticity. I hope this isn’t the start of a battle! Sigh…

    • Row says

      Hi Lisa
      I think a lot of Benefit on ebay is fake esp if the price is crazy low (ie. £3 for benetint) and people who are authentic have no issue with you taking it to a counter to compare! I hope you get this sorted! I mean what might you be putting on your face!! x

      • says

        Update: Happily, I managed to get my money back without too much of a fuss, without opening an ebay dispute and I didn’t have to send the product back. The seller in this case said she was unaware that the product was fake, but that she had had a few complaints about this particular product, so she was going to discontinue the line. I think I got lucky and must have had a genuine seller with a dodgy supplier.

  35. Kimmy says

    Lisa, I got a fake Benefit Dr. Feelgood today too. It’s like cheap vaseline at an expensive price. I wrote the seller on ebay but no reply yet. I’ll give it a few days and if I get no response, I’ll open a case and report the item as counterfeit. I had to laugh…this was on the listing: THERE IS NO REFUND FOR HEALTH & BEAUTY SUPPLIES. I KNOW MY PRODUCTS ARE NEW AND UNUSED. MY OWN PREFERENCE IS THAT I WOULDN’T LIKE TO BUY A PRODUCT THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS TRIED. PLEASE BE SURE OF WHAT YOU’RE BUYING. IF THE ERROR IS MINE PLEASE ALLOW ME TO CORRECT IT BEFORE LEAVING FEEDBACK. I WILL ALWAYS WORK WITH YOU TO CORRECT IT. All items are authentic, legally acquired and owned by me. —–SO…maybe she’s not aware it’s counterfeit because it was sealed. SHE should be sure of what SHE is buying!

  36. says

    This was a really interesting article, thank you. I’ve been considering on and off reselling cosmetics but now I know that suppliers are pretty much non existent and there are some dodgy sellers bringing the brands down I think I will give it a miss. Think I might use the money to pay for a safety assessment and make my own cosmetics.

  37. Sarah says

    I bought fake products from little_precious_gifts on ebay.

    I’ve reached the stage where the dispute has been escalated to a claim and Paypal wants me to return the products for a refund in “original condition”. I had already indicated that I tested the products and I’m not sure what to do.

    Has anyone tried getting a letter from a retailer before?

  38. Kimmy says

    Type up a few sentences that state it’s counterfeit and then sign it with another name, store name, Benefit cosmetics counter, etc. Tell the seller you’re sending it back at their expense, along with a verification from a Benefit sales person. I doubt the seller will want to reimburse you for return shipping. btw…sales people come and go at cosmetics counters. I used to work for Estee’ Lauder and no one will make you prove the statement. eBay will reimburse you for all the money you spent. Leave a negative with “FAKE COUNTERFEIT DON”T BUY” after the case is closed.

    • Sarah says

      Thanks Kimmy, I’ll definitely leave that feedback once it is all over!
      I will try at the Benefit counter first as I’ve recently contacted Paypal again to ask whether I can provide evidence:

      1. Obtain a document from an unbiased third-party, such as a dealer,
      appraiser, or an organization that is qualified in the area of the item in
      question (other than you). This document should contain the following:
      • Detailed description as to why the item is not authentic (i.e., how the
      item differs from an authentic item, how the person evaluating the item
      determined that it is not authentic, etc.).
      • If possible, the document should include a serial number and must be on
      letterhead that includes the name, address, and phone number of the
      authenticating party so that we can contact them directly, if necessary

      I’ve also contacted a few other people who bought the same product through ebay, and so far I’ve had two people say that they believe the products are genuine and one saying that they have received something fake (but will not do anything as they only were out of pocket $15).

  39. Beatrice says

    This is so true. I purchased Benefit Hello Flawless on ebay a few days ago for $25 US, thinking I was saving only $9 US, it cant be fake. I am so dumb. It doesnt even look real. The stickers are sloppy, the color is off, the name isnt even right! I ordered Never Settle Petal and the sticker on the compact says “Me coin” “Petal”. What a joke. This seller has over 500 feedback with only 2 negative. How can that many people not know? I have my acutal Benefit purchased Hello to compare it to but even without it, its so obvious.