Naturtint Hair Dyes

I have had a very itchy, sore scalp for a while. Whilst I am always looking for new treatments for it; creams, oils, shampoos, conditioners, I still like to have a bit of colour in it.

Generally I have salon highlights and since this dye doesn’t touch my scalp, its fine. However, I’ve grown tired of the Jessica Alba light hair on dark skin look. I want some depth, goddammit.

Now, I remember when I was a teen, NO drugstore hair dyes could deal with black Asian hair – nothing ever showed up. Then suddenly, as I got into my late teens, there were dyes that lightened as well as coloured.

L’oreal Feria was one of the first super strength dyes that would do my dark hair. Everything was dandy for a year or so but then most store bought dyes burned. Feria was the worst; infact anything by L’oreal, but Feria was scorching, burning, like pouring acid on my head. Worse than having hair torn out, worse than sunstroke. That level of unbearable pain….yes sir, my scalp is sensitive.

So I found a dye called Naturtint. They do permanent and semi-permanent colours in all kinds of tones (nothing too wacky though). Here’s what makes it natural:

Naturtint natural looking hair colors contain no ammonia or Resorcinol

Resorcinol is a preparation common to many hair color products. Because of its potential to irritate skin, causing redness or peeling, Resorcinol presents unwanted side effects to many hair dye products, making Naturtint permanent hair colorant a more attractive hair color alternative.

So I bought two packs for my long hair of this colour, which is about 3 shades lighter than my natural hair colour (roots) but darker than the ends of my hair which had been highlighted many times.

Tiede Brown.

These were around £9 per pack with shipping – not very cheap, at £18 for 2 packs.

This is a cream type texture that turns into a gel when you mix it with the colourant. There is definately NO horrid smell at all.

So I waited 20 mins….ok there was a tiny tingle at first but then nothing, no pain at all. Only towards the end of the 20 mins did it start to tingle a bit more – the slightest of discomfort. I rinsed it off and voila!

I was amazed that there was no peeling from my scalp and no pain overall. The colour was great too – natural, a brown with a hint of warm red tones (the japanese gals are so keen on) – its also evened out my hair colour – the ends are darker the roots are lighter and somehow, the meet somewhere in the middle. Very pleased!

If you have a sensitive scalp, or if you just want a really good quality dye without too many harsh chemicals, do give this a go. In the UK, you can buy it online easily or in Holland and Barrat health stores. I will definately use this again!

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